Your Commodore (UK) …

We start the weekend off with a deluge of Commodore content with five issues being added to the collection. Additionally,  I realised somewhat belatedly that I hadn't put my two issues back online so the page has been upgraded and you can grab the new issues from Google Drive and #73 & 75 from the direct server once the page there has updated. Huge thanks to our Oz scanning guru for these.


Scanner: Jason 

Site Updates …

So I'm into my third week with a bad cough thanks to picking something up while in Oz on holiday. This has left me with a distinct lack of energy, high blood pressure and generally thanks to the hacking cough, not a heck of a lot of desire to spend much time in front of my PC of late, hence the lack of releases in the last week. I have however, uploaded the missing magazine releases for Atari and Apple to Ali's server so every thing for 3DO to Commodore (aphabetically by category) is now up to date and should be available on the direct download server. **UPDATE ** All files have been checked and are available so they have now been removed from Google Drive.

I have also simplified the site menu. Gone are the category menus in favour of the A-Z index and I've made it easier to navigate using anchor links at the top of the page.

Lastly, I have created a W.I.P page so people can see exactly what I have on my plate from a donated magazines/ raw scans perspective. It should provide clarity on the current quantity of scans needing editing. Some people seem to think I have all the time in the world to edit particular magazines thinking I have all the missing issues etc. This should hopefully dispell those thoughts.

Site Updates …

I have finally updated all the current magazine directories on Ali's server with the necessary config files to make them visible once more. These will become visible as the back-end software parses the file and creates the read versions of the issues in those directories so I expect it will take a couple of days to complete the process.

Additionally, I have started uploading newer magazine files to the server so they will be available there, again, as the software creates their read versions. My Google Drive account is 100GB and 70GB is already used so the intention is to remove files from there as they become available on the read server. New releases will continue to be available via Google Drive only to keep usage to managable levels. First category to get synched is Commodore with all content now in the process of being uploaded.

On a side note, I have received over time, several offers of different kinds of magazines in the hope that they can be scanned and added to the website. These have ranged from aircraft, space, navy, cars, movies and more. While I would personally love to have some, if not all of the magazines offered, there exists the very real threat of receiving a cease & desist notice from the publishers lawyers if we did make them available. Unlike old gaming consoles and computer whose very obsolescence means publishers are not likely to take action for titles where their own digital efforts aren't impacted, the same just cannot be said for other types of content.

If you don't believe the threat is real then I can tell you that a cease and desist was served on a site like ours recently with a significant subset of content having to be removed under the threat of legal action. This is why I haven't branched too far afield from computing/ gaming magazines and is why I won't tread into area's where the publishers are producing their own versions (even if you cannot get them anywhere other than iTunes). Some would say "Just make the site members only" so that we can throw up any and all content but history shows that "members" have been responsible for the closure of many sites when someone gets pissed off and decides to get their kicks out of closing it down by giving the authorities their login credentials so they can gather all the evidence needed to support a conviction. It's easier and safer to simply not make content available that offers more risk. Anyway, I hope that clarifies why I have declined several very kind offers recently and know that I am not saying no on a whim or because I don't like the content offered. The objective is to keep OGM supporting computing/gaming magazine preservation. Long may it continue!!