Site Problems ….

Okay, bit of a bother at the present time with the site crashing on an all too frequent basis in recent times. Most crashes are occurring after I add new cover scans to the site for new releases. I guess WordPress is creaking at the seams with 5200 images in the gallery. I don't think it is the gallery itself, rather the MYSQL database as I have had corruption occurring after adding posts regarding new releases. Twice it required restoring from a back-up file. 

Obviously, this is no way to run a site, going from one database crash to the next, so the time has come to evaluate my options moving forward.

  1. Shut the site down and encourage scanning members to contribute to another site like Retromags.
  2. Stop uploading covers to the gallery and strip out whatever additional quantity is required to get the database stable again
  3. Change to a private scanning site where scanning members can continue to add content themselves while having access to other scanning members contributions
  4. Change to a different platform and hope it doesn't have similar problems

Neither options 1 and 2 have any appeal from a personal perspective as other sites have different requirements for content and having cover scans is, well, that's just part of having a site like this right?

Option 3 has some appeal as I can give scanning members direct access to my QNAP NAS which has all the files stored on it in a RAID setup. Additonally, it then becomes purely an excercise in the scanning members choosing where they want their content made available HOWEVER, I've been running OGM for over five years now and it's almost like losing a family member when thinking about closing it down.

That leaves option 4.

If I had bucket loads of money I'd consider IP.Board forum software like that used in Retromags as it allows static content pages and has a good looking download manager but the cost is ridiculous as a first off purchase. Unfortunately, nothing comes close to the functionality of IP.Board in regards to other forum software. SMF looks to have a good download manager but no static content pages whilst phpBB has staic pages but no fully specced download manager. Realistically, I need a platform that Jason and the other scanning guys can add content to themselves as I am under the hammer continually updating the site which does affect my ability to scan content myself and a forum will allow for that.

Can anyone provide options for how to take the site out of the crashing quagmire that it currently is? Any options and opinions are appreciated. I'd rather make the site into something everyone has an affinity for but it needs to happen fairly soon as every time I post there's the chance of the site dying completely. 🙁

Computer Pilot …

Volume 01 Issue 06 has been archived thanks to Survivalist1. I am hoping to be able to release any scnas of Volumes 01 – 05 again in the very near future as soon as I happy that the publisher will not be releasing these issues themselves.

PC Pilot …

Four issues of this enthisiast flight sim publication are now available. You can grab issues 29, 40, 47 & 63 thanks to the excellent efforts of ….


Scanner: Survivalist1 

X-360/X-One …

Lots happening on the digital archiving front lately with almost all digital issues for this title now captured in iPad Pro resolution glory and archived for the day when they can be made available.

On a side note Iwas looking at Marktrade's scans on and noticed that their head archivist Jason Scott had personally uploaded my scans of Saturn Power and Offical PlayStation (NZ) to their website. Isn't it amazing that someone in his shoes can blatantly visit and take other sites content and yet neither

1.. detail where he acquired the magazines in the appropriate section on the website  nor
2 .. while he's downloading content from our site take two minutes of his time to put a thank you note in the comments section on the site

It tends to indicate to me how arrogant that particular site is. We all understand when some leech site takes content and spawns it over the internet but you expect better of an organisation that holds itself under the Library of Congress umbrella and that they would show a modicum of appreciation when they are using other sites works and as a means of encouraging them. Sign of the times I guess. He must be the "Trump" of the archiving world … 


Edge …

Next up we have the Jan 2009 issue 197 of this title.

As with most Future titles the Dec 2009 issues are available through their distribution channels so we will not be able to release full year collections of this title moving forward. Please support them by purchasing issues from them.