Downtime …

I will be away from home for a few days so updates will be even less than they have been for the last couple of weeks.

On a positive note, my local telco has finally got fiber laid in my road and I am currently awaiting installation of a gigabit connection to my home which will be installed in two weeks time all going well. By hosting OGM from home this will allow me to trim the costs of running the site down to basically the cost of retaining the domain name and the Mediafire connection for downloads which will be hugely beneficial given site donations to date have all gone towards the shipping of magazines to me for scanning rather than anything to do with the costs of maintaining the website. It may be that we see a name change for the site at some point as well as I have never been particularly happy with the potential association with the "oldgamemags" tumbler site which sprang up afterwards.

On an even more positive note, much of my recent downtime has been spent getting a huge load of digital editions of current magazines archived in the event the publishers decide to discontinue them or stop making digital editions available. Big thanks go out to Andynick and Survivalist1 for providing content. I cannot stress how important archiving newer content is. We simply do not want to be put in the same situation in a decades time that we are in today regarding 1980's/1990's content where huge swatches of magazines have yet to be scanned. It's highly likely we will never be able to complete some titles. We disregard current titles at our peril.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Your Commodore …

Also floating in this weekend is issue 34. This one was missing a couple of pages so I had to use pages from a scan by Mort or Bombjack to replace them in case anyone is wondering why pages 81/82 are not as pristine as the the others.


Scanner: Jason

Hyper …

It's been a week or two of slow updates here what with an eye infection, visitors staying and one of the trees in my section deciding to topple over and just missing my house to clear up but hopefully things are getting back to normal again around here until the next lot of family staying over in three weeks time. Yikes … real world issues …. 🙂

Anyways, issue 38 is now available. There are a couple of small pieces cut out unfortunately but apart from a small piece of one article missing the rest were just advertising so not a majour issue in my books. Thanks once again to …..


Scanner: Mark G 

Computer Pilot …

It has been brought to my attention that the publisher of this magazine title has recently started making back issues of this title available for purchase as PDF digital downloads. Currently your can purchase volumes for several years for the measly prices of $10AUS (approx $8US) per year which is approx 80c per issue. Furthermore it is their intention to make ALL issues available digitally.

As a result of this I can no longer make these available here as it has never been our intention to deny publishers the ability to earn a living off their endevours.

I would heartily encourage anyone interested in flight simulations to visit their website here where you can view and order these magazines. Supporting publishers ensures they continue to bring us great magazines to read and enjoy!!

PS. I have purchased Volumes 10 – 12 (issues from 2006 through 2008) to see what they are like and can attest that although issues weigh in at only 22mb per file these are perfectly readable thanks to OCR'ing of text which also makes them searchable 🙂