Super Action …

I didn't think we'd be seeing another issue of this magazine surfacing any time soon but our resident UK scanner surprises us again with issue 04 now available  🙂


Scanner: Andynick

PC Review …

Andynick is back with issue 01 of this title. 🙂

Note that the publishers cut this issue improperly on the spine edge. Unfortunately they over cut the pages resulting in missing text etc. Even if Andynick had cut the spine to get as close to the inner edge as possible it still would have resulted in missing content. Great nonetheless ….

Computer Games: Strategy Plus …

Issue 135 is now available. This was another issue with printing offset issues with several pages printing off the bottom of the page. Luckily it's just page numbering that is affected so at worst it makes for a slightly quirky addition for the digital collection  🙂


Donated by: Cameron
Scanner: Kiwi