Computer & Video Games (CVG) …

Issue 89 is now available. Huge thanks go out as usual to Gladiator for scanning these. I have a big chunk of these from issue 13 through 83 but none of the later issues so between us we managed to cover a lot of ground between us.

Regarding this particular title I may have some interesting news in the new year if things pan out with a potential donation. Stay tuned  🙂

CD-Rom Today (USA) …

A whole heap of issues are now available thanks to marktrade. They are 16 and 11. He edited all of these but I have "fixed" issue 11 as it has gatefold cover pages front and rear and I prefer the PDF to look like the physical copy. If you prefer not to have this format by all means grab the  .cbr versions over at Retromags or via his page at If you can afford to throw him a few bucks a month for his efforts please visit his patreon page as well  🙂


Future PLC acquires Imagine Publishing ….

I just received the latest issues of Retro Gamer and Games tm in my iPad Readr app and the first thing I noticed was Future's logo on the bottom of the page instead of the usual Imagine logo. "WTF?" followed by "This can't be true" I said to myself. Unfortunately though, it is indeed true.

On 21st October Future PLC became almost the UK's sole gaming and tech magazine publisher after it acquired Imagine following approval by the UK competition and markets authority. Quite what this means for Imagine's current gaming titles is yet to be be seen but the ramifications of the merger are there for all to see when you look at the titles individually.

  • Play tm …. recently went digital only after Imagine pulled the plug on producing print versions, likely due to low print sales. Given Future's own title is the offically licensed publication I cannot see Play tm lasting more than whatever grace period Future decides to give it so that people will gravitate to their own product
  • Games tm …. This particular magazine is an all round excellent title but sales volumes have also been low. Unfortunately it competes with Future's high end Edge Magazine AND their mainstream Games Master, both of which have been running for decades. Look for this magazine to go to the grave as well if things pan out as I expect them to ….
  • Retro Gamer …. if there's one title that Future will likely keep hold of it would be this one. They currently do not have a title dedicated to the retro gaming market, only providing small segments of retro gaming in their multi-format magazines, so this title doesn't directly compete with any of their current product line-up

I hope I am wrong about all this but fiscal realities will determine what happens in the next few months. For Imagine to sell to Future PLC they either received too good an offer to not accept or they were already facing financial difficulties which might have resulted in the discontinuation of their titles anyway, in which case saving even one of the above magazines could probably be considered a victory of sorts. Might be time to start backing up Games tm issues methinks …..

PC Gamer (USA) …

I decided we needed to move forward on this particular title again so after editing marktrade's raw scans and comiling them we now have issue 88 available via the new Mediafire link on the product page.


Scanned by: marktrade
Edited by: Kiwi