Mediafire Links …

Transferring files is going smoothly if slowly onto the Mediafire account. I have adjusted all pages for magazine titles from UZ to reflect the changes.

UPDATETZ have now been updated along with half of S. Those pages with missing galleries after the site theme update a couple of months ago have been fixed  🙂

Site Updates …

With uploading all files to Google Drive completed I am now using the Multicloud synching service to synch all the files between Google Drive and my Mediafire account. Once this is done I intend making files available to site visitors via Mediafire links solely. The reasons are twofold: 

  • If a request for content takedown were to be processed it will result in the loss of Mediafire content ONLY which would allow me to resynch to another provider via the Google Drive account and be back up and running again with far less impact than what was experienced with the Megaupload fiasco a few years ago
  • The read server is down again as far as uploading content and getting it visible is concerned and Ali hasn't replied to emails since mid-September on the issues I am experiencing. I have therefore decided to discontinue using his server. I don't want to continue pestering him when he is busy with his life and work commitments like we all are but I need file access to be reliable and consistent

Whether Ali continues to keep the server up or not is his choice. Take advantage of it while you can (it's great for reading mags while on the bus etc) but expect to see pages altered to reflect these changes as content is migrated to Mediafire.

On another note, I have family flying in from Australia in a few days time to spend the long weekend with us, catching up and watching the Wallaby's getting their ass handed to them by the AB's  🙂
Due to this I am in the process of moving my scanner out of the spare room but before that trying to scan a big pile of Look & Learns so I can throw them in the recycling rather than having to carry them downstairs to the basement. Therefore new magazine updates will be sporadic for a week or so until I am back up and running again.

Site News …

Nothing major has happened. We're still here, just that I have been busy with getting the Google Drive account setup with ALL the currently available scans thanks to our new 1TB plan. Good news is everything has now been uploaded and I simply have to work out how I want to make access available to them ( directory or file level ) then implement it. Then I can get back to scanning mags.

In other news Jason has been bombarding me with scan too recent to be made available at the present time. Lots of Hyper issues and even some Game Informer (AUS) scans as well. I have been busy screen-grabbing recent issues of Retro Gamer, Games tm, PC Gamer (USA) and even some older X-One mags as well, the covers of which have been added to their product pages here.

Gladiator has been busy as well and dropped CVG issue 091 into the mailbox. That will be uploaded as soon as I have a few more scans available to release with it.

Computer Games: Strategy Plus …

Issue 13 of this title is now available on Google Drive.

If you have trouble seeing newer files I suggest trying to access the directory using Microsoft's Edge browser in WIndows 10 or Internet Explorer while logged out of Google. I have no issues seeing them logged in or out using those browsers or Chrome but some users are experiencing problems so your mileage may vary. I wish I knew what was causing these issues for some people …..

PC Format …

We move later, much later than previous issues of PC Format with the last up for the night being issue 113.

I thought it might be interesting to revisit Microsoft worst operating system release of all time in the form of Millenium Edition (ME). The whole DOS foundation was rocked to the core thanks to their removing the ability to run it before the Windows GUI which made gaming trickier than it should have been, and was, under the previous Windows 98. I passed this one over and went straight to Windows 2000.


Scanner: Kiwi

Australian Personal Computer (APC) …

Next up we have the May 2001 issue of this long running Oz PC magazine.

Of interest to retro gamers in this issue is a multi page article on MAME, the excellent arcade emulator. I remember the first release of this software. At the time I didn't think much of it as I recall as it merely combined a few seperate emulators for the likes of Pac-man, Space Invaders and a few other Z80 based games. For me it was when Neil Corlett's amazing Gauntlet emulator got integrated after 68000 code became functional that I think I really got into it. Fun times indeed.


Donated by: Donutking
Scanner: Jason