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While on the subject of PC Gamer, digital issues 207, 208 and 298 have been archived in the event that the publication ceases to exist and issues are no longer able to obtained legitimately.


    1. Short answer = NO, they are not available.

      We do not make issues available that can be obtained legitimately from the publisher on one platform or another. That doesn’t mean we do not archive the latest issues. Please re-read the post. It states that they are archived in case Future PLC were to disappear and/or their legitimate channels were discontinued.

    1. No worries. I will adjust the wording on posts regarding newer, unavailable content so that there is no misunderstanding moving forward.

      Jason and I have been scanning newer PlayStation, Game Informer and X-Box magazines as we feel like a change from other titles, mainly to provide a little variation when scanning. With Future PLC purchasing Imagine recently there is some concern we may see some of Imagines titles (Games tm, Play tm and Retro Gamer) discontinued at some point so I have been making it a point of archiving their digital issues as well when reading them on the iPad Pro. As such, expect to see posts regarding newer titles interspersed with older content moving forward.

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