What’s Coming Up at OGM? …

What will 2017 bring for OGM? Unfortunately my crystal ball is just as rusty now as it was last year, and the year before that etc but I can take a stab at what might be happening in the next couple of months …..

  • All things being equal I should be receiving a big parcel of PC gaming magazines from stateside in the next couple of weeks from Cameron. Titles include Computer Games:Strategy Plus, a few issues Total PC Gaming which have not been scanned prior to now and possibly even a couple of issues of Computer Pilot, a defunct title dedicated to flight simulators. Boy I'm looking forward to seeing these
  • Hopefully at some point I will also be receiving a package from the other side of the world from a Retromags member with some Nintendo and multi-format magazine goodness to fill in a few blanks in our current lineup
  • marktrade has scanned and dumped loads of raw scans for a heap of different titles so I will continue wading through getting those edited and online along with the two outstanding issues of N64 Magazine from Dan
  • Obviously in addition scanning magazines sent to me I will be trying to pick up the pace with my own scanning

On a more personal note I send my best wishes to our scanning members who are suffering from ill-health and I pray for a speedy recovery to the both of you. Please stay in touch if you are able to although I totally understand if events dictate that you are unable to.

Lastly, to everyone who has donated time scanning, or provided magazines to scan, or contributed funds to help keep the site running and acquiring new magazines, THANK YOU for your vote of confidence in the site. Let's make 2017 the best yet for OGM!!

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