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The last of the magazines received from Alex1 has now been scanned and is available for download, that being issue 08.

This one was problematic for several reasons (pages not cut/printed straight, cut slightly wider on one side and paper curl) but even with all that there's not too much wrong with it after all the editing involved. I can't do much better short of scanning each page on a flatbed scanner to try and eliminate some slight page curl issues on a couple of pages but I will retain the magazine for a while as a precautionary measure in case I have time to go back and re-scan it that way. However, with the big pile of magazines received from Cameron recently I cannot see it happening any time soon. In any event it's perfectly readable and I'm personally more than happy with the result anyway.

Many thanks go out to Alex1 for providing the magazines. It's great being able to fill in some blanks in the collection  🙂 


Donated by: Alex1
Scanner: Kiwi 


  1. Hi Kiwi,


    Overall the quality of the scans is superb. I know what the state of the magazine was prior to scanning and the curling of the corners is as good as gone. I figured this mag and the UFG issue 1 (where some of the gloss was coming off and had ripped spine/loose cover) woudl be the thoughest to scan.

    There are some parts in the back part of the magazine where some curling/folding is slightly noticeable near the staple/center part of the pages. And I likely noticed them mostly due to your comment on the scan. I think it has zero influence on the readability of the magazine.

    The only reason possible reason to re-scan anything would be for the sake of having an optimal scan for conservation.

    The blemishes on the pages could also be corrected by someone who has a lot of skills in the photoshopping/editing department. But that would be less preferable if you're a purist as far as conservation goes. And probably too much work for the payoff.

    Many thanks for the superb job on the scanning.



    1. Yeah, this one took a while to process.

      Due to the large number of pages the stapling was dead centre so I had to cut each page individually so as to ensure I didn't crop one side incorrectly. The paper had slight warping as a result of that type of binding as well so it did make for more work. Still, as I said, I think it came out fine. I was keeping the pages just in case someone noticed something amiss more than anything. And no-one has commented apart from yourself so I assume it's all good……..

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