Ultra Game Players …

marktrade released raw scans of several issues of this title some time ago. Before I could get onto it Retromags member Depressor has edited and released them. With his permission I am releasing them here. As a result issue 103 is now available.

What I have altered from his version is:

  • I cleaned up the cover a lot as it was quite damaged and removed the spine from the front cover scan
  • Placed the supplemental pages back where they were situauted in the magazine according to marktrade's original scans instead of the back of the PDF where Depressor had placed them. Nothing problematic, it's just that I prefer the magazine to include content where it was situated in the magazine where possible
  • Adjusted the vertical height in pixels so all pages are the same for better dual page viewing

Feel free to grab this here if you like a PDF version or visit Retromags if you prefer CBR/CBZ iterations.

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