PC Review …

Andynick is back with issue 01 of this title. 🙂

Note that the publishers cut this issue improperly on the spine edge. Unfortunately they over cut the pages resulting in missing text etc. Even if Andynick had cut the spine to get as close to the inner edge as possible it still would have resulted in missing content. Great nonetheless ….


  1. Don't think i've ever seen so many errors in a magazine as this one.  Along with the one you've mentioned, several reviews repeat paragraphs and then don't end properly. Some reviews are missing scores altogether and so many games get 7/10 that it makes me suspicious that that's not an error too!  They have icons that obscure words and the screenshots in the shareware section are the worst i've ever seen.  If I ever get round to Issue 2, we'll have to see if it's improved.

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