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It has been brought to my attention that the publisher of this magazine title has recently started making back issues of this title available for purchase as PDF digital downloads. Currently your can purchase volumes for several years for the measly prices of $10AUS (approx $8US) per year which is approx 80c per issue. Furthermore it is their intention to make ALL issues available digitally.

As a result of this I can no longer make these available here as it has never been our intention to deny publishers the ability to earn a living off their endevours.

I would heartily encourage anyone interested in flight simulations to visit their website here where you can view and order these magazines. Supporting publishers ensures they continue to bring us great magazines to read and enjoy!!

PS. I have purchased Volumes 10 – 12 (issues from 2006 through 2008) to see what they are like and can attest that although issues weigh in at only 22mb per file these are perfectly readable thanks to OCR'ing of text which also makes them searchable 🙂


  1. That's excellent that the publishers are officially releasing their back issues and at such a reasonable price! They may be small files but they might be the original files that were created to be printed rather than scanned in copies? If so the quality will be superior to any scanned in copy.

    I was thinking of switching some of the downloads on the direct download server to OCR copies to allow people to search through their downloaded magazines, would this be worthwhile?

  2. Most of the time that publishers release small-sized digital PDFs, the text is OCR-searchable (perfect and sharp), but all of the images have been highly compressed.  So while the text may look better than a scanned copy, the images will be of a much lower quality than a decent scanned copy.  I haven't seen them, but I imagine this is true of the PC Pilots as well.

  3. I have 36 issues of this title that I purchased and I find the images perfectly adequate so from my perspective these are fine unlike those abominations that were released by Imagine on disc for Retro Gamer and Games tm. They were bad, really, really bad.

    The fact that they are releasing them digitally ties my hands, however, the quality being good in my eyes means I don't want to reinvent the wheel by scanning them. I'd rather work on magazines that are not available like Computer Games: Strategy Plus

  4. If you want to stop hosting this magazine, that is your call, but I highly suggest you rethink advertising the availability of this magazine for sale online.  You may not be aware, but this magazine/publisher screwed over a lot of people back in 2013 when they stopped publishing new issues.  Many people, including myself, had remaining issues on their subscriptions that were never fullfilled, and there were never any refunds provided.  I only had a few issues left, but other people had paid for 1-, 2-, or even 3-year subscriptions that they never saw.  You can read one thread about the situation at  Because of their blatent disregard for their customers, I don't think it is appropriate for you to advertise current availability, as that would mean money going to a company that lacks basic integrity, and they do not deserve anyone's money.

    1. Hi there,

      I am more than aware of the comments around this particular title and the issues subscribers have faced around the discontinuation of new issues and not receiving refunds for outstanding issues.

      However, at the current time the current copyright holder (as far as I can tell) is making back issues available for less than $1 per issue. Regardless of the problems faced by subscribers, and I truly do feel for them, the fact that you can purchase back issues and actually receive what you have paid for, means in all fainess I cannot make issues available here that can currently be purchased, nor can I tell people not to support them

      IF people paying for issues available for download do not receive what they paid for that is a different story. Then I will happily tell people to give them a wide berth and I may also revisit not making those issues available.

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