Nintendo Magazine System


    1. Hiya,

      I’ll check but I am pretty sure I do not have that issue in my collection. My NMS AUS collection is pretty sparse I am afraid.

  1. After a few weeks of trying to find this one magazine, i've come to realize now any NMS AUS magazines would be fine!

    Checking out some of your uploads makes me miss the magazines! Love the site. Keep it up!

    1. Well … the file has been downloaded 36 times using that link so I am not sure what is going on. Are you a registered Rapidshare user?

  2. I am a registered user of rapidshare yes, with a 30 day membership. Just tried logging out of rapidshare and trying but it comes up with the same error. All the other files including nms work fine. I’m on my tablet now instead of pc but no luck. Wonder what the problem is.


    1. Wow that’s strange.

      If I try the link with Chrome as a free user I get “Daily traffic exhausted” while if I try using Internet Explorer using my account I can download the file just fine. NMS 17 has been downloaded 27 times so the link itself appears to be fine. It seems like there is something going on other than that within Rapidshare. Take the latest Zzap!64 issue 44 for example. That has the old style link and has been downloaded 6 times since I uploaded it. Do you get the same problem with that link?

  3. I downloaded zzap issue 44 a few days ago which went ok. Have just downloaded the ‘N64′ mags from 10 to 50. They were all ok except issue 14 which gave the ‘error: share invalid’ message. Earlier today i logged into rapidshare with internet explorer and tried the problem mags but still got the error. I use firefox normally.


  4. Hi guys,

    I have stacks of these NMS magazines that I am looking to part with. Is anyone interested? I would say I have about 50 in mostly good condition (few slight tears, etc as you would expect). E-mail me at jastone@ outlook dot com if you are keen!


    1. Hi Jason,

      Great to hear you are interested in handing these off, hopefully to one of our scanning guys to get them online over here.

      It would be good for the guys scanning the mags to know the area where you live to work out whether a pickup is viable or whether shipping is the only option. I am in New Zealand for instance so it would be prohibitively expensive to ship there but a couple of the guys are in the UK so depending on where you are it could be a goer for sure.

    2. Hi Jason,

      I most certainly would be interested, will send you an email later on. I’ll pay any postage costs for the mags.

      Do you have any record of which issues you have? I don’t have any myself (i got rid of quite a few long ago), so I would take them all, it just might be useful to know how many need scanning and what we’ve already got preserved.


  5. This magazine was half of Mean Machines, which covered all consoles and eventually split into seperate Nintendo and Sega mags. Mean Machines itself came about from being a monthly section in CVG.

  6. Regarding how long this was called Nintendo Magazine System.  I've got all the issues so:-

    Nintendo Magazine System (Issues 1-53)
    Nintendo Magazine (Issues 54-68)
    Nintendo Official Magazine (Issues 69-131)
    Nintendo Official Magazine UK (Issues 132-151)
    Nintendo Official Magazine (Issues 152-162)

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