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OldGameMags was created out of a desire to preserve those gaming magazines in my collection in a digital format to allow me to read them on my tablets and also to ensure that these magazines aren't lost to future generations. With some publishers not providing digital editions or alternatively no longer existing at all there is a need for 3rd party sites like this one to take on the preservation for them. Along the way my one man band has seen other like-minded individuals cast their lot in with me to further the preservation cause. We currently have members in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Content is made available on this website fall using the following criteria:

  • Discontinued Titles


    • If a magazine has been discontinued and no digital editions exist or they are no longer available legitmately (both Future PLC and Imagine have discontinued many titles and removed them from digital stores) we will make these available here if we have them to scan
    • If a magazine has been discontinued and digital editions exist we will not make content available that can be purchased legitimately through digital stores (iTunes/Zinio etc) All other content will be made available if we have them to scan
  • Current Titles


    • If a magazine is still being produced and no digital editions exist we will only make content available that has a publication date 7 years previously or older 
    • If a magazine is still being produced and digital editions exist we will only make content available that has a publication date 7 years previously or older and which cannot be purchased legitimately through digital stores (iTunes/Zinio etc)

Please support the publishers by purchasing legitimate content wherever possible. It is in no-ones interest having publishers fold because they cannot earn a living due to piracy so please do not download current content just because some pirate website makes it easily available. The above rules (I call it the seven year rule) exists to give them the ability to earn a living off their work. By also adopting the stance of not making any content that is available digitally via legitimate channels available it hopefully encourages publishers to look at making their older content available in digital format. If they do so I will immediately remove this content (Edge #1 for example) and point people to where they can acquire it.

Legal Crap

We will always comply with requests from rights holders in relation to their content. If you own the rights to content and want it removed please contact us and we will remove content upon request.

Conversely, if you are a publisher and can assist with making content available here will we love to hear from you too. Older magazines may no longer be relevant resulting in little justification for creating digital versions but with the emulation craze many people are now reading older magazines preservation sites like this one have created and it might just encourage those people into subscribing to your current magazines after reading them which is a win-win for you guys so if you can help or simply provide encouragement let us know.

Lastly, remember that this one man band is a hobby for me so updates happen when they happen, sites crash when they crash etc. It costs a lot to host/maintain a website/file-hosting and as no-one has donated anything towards this site you don't get to request anything and moaning won't do you any good either. Anyway, enjoy looking around and hopefully you will find something of interest.





  1. Why do you keep "trying" to update your site every month ? You're an idiot. Your first site was good enough (about 10 revisions ago !!! LOL) You're trying very hard to be something you're not. This "new" site doesn't even look that good. Quit updating and just add content. Even the contributors are having second thoughts about you.

    1. Anon – if you don't like the way that Kiwi run the site then I suugest that you go use another site with crappy scans, This sort of whiner makes it all the more reason for Kiwi to make the site open to member only and not to leechers who probably don't even leave comments after they download, and it was probably him that was whining at the last change, I for one agree with retrorambler and  his comments, i'm am extermley grateful at the amount of time and effort that Kiwi puts into the site, it not as easy as you think to scan a magazine and convert it to a PDF!!!! keep up the good work mate – C-Bell

  2. Mr. anon up top offers a pretty compelling argument for making your site members only. It would certainly make it easier to just boot whiney little leeches like himself. Anyway I will refrain from saying exactly what I think of ungrateful idiots like Mr. anon and simply wish you luck in getting the site up and running. You are doing a great job and those of us who truly appreciate your efforts look forward to seeing the end result.Don't let the haters get you down!

    1. Hiya RETRORambler,

      Sure I could make it members only but that defeats the purpose of preservation somewhat. This is a hobby and sometimes I feel like a change. I agree that when I was using WordPress previously things were fine but I felt like a change. The Joomla issue with bugs got me frustrated so I tried an upgrade and it bombed out. That’s life. You get back on the horse and try again. I owe no-one anything and lamers like him are like a mosquito buzzing around. Irritating more than anything else. I do find it amusing that the only time he opens his mouth is when the magazine feed is cut off. What a loser!!!!


  3. I wouldn't bother responding to him. He knows your getting easily wound up so I think that's why he's doing it. Classic Trolling. Can't you just disable these comment sections ? Keep up the good work.



    Please don't make it so contributors are the only ones who can download your files. If I had anything to contribute I would (and it wouldn't be worth having a website if you know what I mean). Thanks.

  4. Good work Kiwi.

    I was hoping that in your RSS feeds you could perhaps add ahref to the magazine image whenever you make an update…

    This is so that in my news feeds (like Pulse) I can see the images, would be cool if you could. Otherwise I'll have to resort to feed43 for the RSS…


  5. Hmm. I've had another look, I think it might appear by itself due to the way the RSS is set up (looks at your entire post).

  6. Jusr thought that I would add my tuppence worth and say that I for one do appreciate being able to download these retro magazines, It may be that content should be avaiable to members only and stop moaning leechers from having a go at you for doing your best to make decent quality content available to everyone, your scans are much better that the crap you get from some sites out there, so thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the comments. All that particular person ever does is moan and by and large most people visiting the site appreciate the work I do so I have no intention of making it a members only site althrough prats like him made me look at website software alternatives in the first place.

      It's the principle that if you own/run a website you should be able to do with as you wish, and when someone moans about it that annoys me more than anything. I like to tinker and as I pay the bills I freely admit to playing around with the site software. I thought Joomla sounded interesting but the bugs started irritating me and the upgrade blew the old site out of the water so here we are back at WordPress again.



  7. Hello Kiwi/OGM,


    My name is Matthew Bradley/wombateer, I am a freelance video game writer/reviewer, and I would like to ask a quick question with regards to the Amiga and Atari ST magazines (if you could help, that would be awesome).


    Many years ago there was a magazine called ZZap! 64 and one feature of the reviewing policy was the iconic ZZap! Sizzler.


    Same went with the ZX Spectrum, and "A Crash Smash".


    For the life of me I cannot recall, what the Amiga or Atari ST had with regards to reviewing?


    Amiga Power, The One, was it simply a score out of ten, or a percentage of 100?


    Or an iconic icon?


    Again any help would be much appreicated, from you or your readers.



    1. Amiga Format adopted a ‘Amiga Format Gold’ logo for games that exceeded 92% and ST Format adopted … you guessed it … ‘ST Format Gold’.

      All other games just had the usual score box out of 100%





    1. I only possess a few EGM issues. That is the extent of my USA magazine collection barring a couple of one-off issues so I decided to leave USA multi-format magazines to Retromags to cover.

  8. Nice site! Your dedication to preserving old mags is much appreciated. Looking forward to downloading the NGC Mags.

    1. Welcome to the site.

      Have a good look around. Hopefully there’s more than just NGC Magazine to take your interest 🙂

  9. A useful site and a bit of a trip down Memory Lane – thanks for that. I came across another site that has some scanned magazines that might be of interest to you. For example, Computer Age magazine, that used to appear in the UK. I always looked for Brian Reffin Smith's articles on Computers and Art (don't know if this link will survive intact: http://archive.org/stream/computer-age-magazine-01/Computer_Age_01#page/n79/mode/2up).


    Keep up the Good Work 🙂

    1. To be honest I find the Archive.org site to be a bit of an abomination due to their quality control, or rather the complete lack of it. They just take any old scans and repackage them. I find that particular attitude somewhat demeaning to the creators of the content who I am sure would not be happy seeing their works preserved so badly.

  10. Hey Kiwi,  Great site – only found it yesterday and after seeing the quality of the scans and the care put into it I want to know if I can help?  However I mainly own UK Gamesmaster (1993-1996) – but I see that VultureStreet seems to have all the same ones!

    Just a couple of questions:  How can I be sure that I don't duplicate work (you have a lot and so do some of your contributors)?  What is the best method to scan mags (resolution etc)?

    I know you're busy – so no rush for replies!  I'll check back when ever and see if I can help.  Keep up the good stuff, Thanks.

    1. Hiya,

      Welcome to the site. Sorry for the lack of time recently. I should be coming out the other side with a fortnight then I’ll be able to respond to you a lot better. I’ll whack up some tips on how I scan my mags etc. I will say however that an A3 scanner is almost a MUST for this sort of thing due to the sizing of mags, especially those coming out of the UK from the likes of Future PLC.



    2. Hiya again,

      I have endeavored to put up cover scans of all of my mainstream mags like Games Master so that people know which issues I possess even if they have yet to be scanned. All bar two of VultureStreet’s issues (89 & 89) are already online and I have no idea what other issues he possesses. If you see a blank where issues you own are concerned then it’s a safe bet that I don’t have them at this point in time.

      I have started adding info on how I scan my mags in the “About OGM” menu under “Creating Digital Magazines”. Still a little bit to go there but it’s a start and will be finished soon. You really do need an A3 scanner would be the biggest tip as A4 scanners result in parts of the page being chopped on both top or bottom and sides due to the scanning bar not actually being full A4. Lots of UK mags adopted funky sizes and A3 is the only way to preserve them properly. Anyway, check it out and go from there.

      If you can contribute that’s great.


      1. Thanks for the update and suggestions – I’ve scoped out an A3 scanner (and pleaded with the Mrs!) and it looks like it could be a winner! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope I’m able to add something to this noble cause soon!


  11. All good. I’ll get on to the editing side of things in the next day or so.

    While some (usually wives) argue the cost of an A3 is too high it certainly has other benefits than scanning magazines. Scanning half a dozen family photo’s in one go makes for quick conversion of old print copies into a digital format too for example which often helps swing the decision your way 🙂

  12. I just emailed to clarify if “unavailable” means you haven’t scanned them or don’t have them.

    If anyone in Sydney who scans to contribute wants any Atomic / APC and marked as “unavailable” or completely missing from the list reply to this message.


  13. Hi all, does anyone have issues of the short lived PS3 magazine Next3 they are able to scan? As there are copies of Revolution on here I am holding hope that this will be so. It is from the same publisher.


    1. With moving to Nextgen Gallery or whatever it’s called it allows for people to view the full size covers. The old way didn’t and was mainly in place to allow linking to file hosting websites. That isn’t needed any more and I’d have to duplicate everything across two systems so I don’t really want the headaches involved with that.

  14. where do u get yr scans from ?
    I think i have a few old mags in a box somewhere.
    Pc ps2 amiga e.t.c ,not a huge amount ,but a few anyways.

  15. Thank you very much for this website. I am doing a Master Exam on Video Game Production during the 90s and I think even just PC Gamer articles I've found so far will be a great help. Thanks again for creating such a fine website for historians like myself. 

  16. hi guys

    Any chance on putting or getting PC Pilot on board here.You can not buy a digital version from 1999 until 2009 or printed one as well.

    regards hans muller

  17. Any computing/gaming magazine from the 1980's – Dec 2008 can be made available if the magazine is out of publication or no digital issues exist from the publisher.

    However, while I have received donations of Computer Pilot magazine I don't personally own or have had any donations of PC Pilot so at this point in time it's a no-go I am afraid.

    1. Hi Hans,

      I am really busy with trying to scan the recent submissions from Cameron (Computer Games: Strategy Plus & Computer Pilot) at the present time followed by a couple of dozen PC Gamer (USA) issues so it would be fair to say I am stretched just at this point in time. If you can give it a couple of months while I get this lot out of the way that would be great.

      More importantly though, donation funds are fairly low at present and I still need to try and sort out Cameron for the additional postage costs from his last shipment, and shipping to New Zealand is not cheap, so I need time to see if further donations can cover getting your mags shipped down under.

      1. hi kiwi

        no proplem,i got time here,i will gather here in perth/aus the mags  as many as i can ,thanks

        regards hans


        1. Our resident scanmeister Jason lives on the other side of Oz so he might be in a position to take on the job of scanning them. Be aware though that we use Fujitsu document scanners which require them to be essentially cut down the spine to feed through the scanner so they'd be unable to be returned as they'd only be good for the recycling bin afterwards.

          Let us know if that's okay and if it is Jason will hopefully chime in on the conversation if he's in a position to help. 🙂

  18. I can certainly help 🙂

    Postage would be much cheaper to me as well as we can use flat rate satchels to send them across. Kiwi has my email so can pass that on to you if you want me to scan them


  19. hi jason

    sure ,i will pass them on to you,i will try 5 at the time ,right now i getting the first 4 from ebay ,then

    after this swap markets ,it will take time gather them ,not many for sale at all,you can do what ever you like with them

    I am on the ball here,


  20. Just want to say thanks for this great site!
    As an editor on HOL I can fully appreciate the effort that goes into such scanning endeavors..

    ps. looking forward to more issues of pc format & pc gamer UK ;D

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