You can help us in continuing to preserve gaming and computing magazines in several ways:

  1. Donating funds by using the PAYPAL link on the home page allows us to fund purchases off E-Bay, obtain supplies for scanners (document scanners require replacing brake/feed rollers etc) or purchase new scanners in the event that it becomes necessary to replace one or to assist with hosting costs to keep OGM online.
  2. Contributing magazines to the site. If you are unable to scan magazines yourself but have issues that have yet to be preserved and you wish to donate them they will be happily received. Be aware that most of our scanning members live in Australia or New Zealand so postage costs are high shiiping content from Europe or USA. Contact us if you wish to donate magazines with a list of your magazines as we may have some but have simply not gotten around to scanning them yet.
  3. Scanning magazines for the site. If you have magazines that are able to have the complete pages scanned on your scanner scan them at 300DPI and submit them via the Mediafire upload link on the home page

    1. If they are edited by yourselves (no scanning platten visible etc) I can guarantee to get them online pretty quickly
    2. If you submit raw scans which I will need to edit be aware that they will be added to my BIG pile of existing raw scans and will be edited as I can find time to process them.


Individuals have contributed physical magazines to this site include:

  • SputnikNGC Magazine issues from 60 – 105
  • Dan – all missing NGC Magazine issues (78, 106 – 120)
  • Mattedge1 – a large, heavy pile of Edge issues
  • bigkev – PlayStation 2 Official (AUS)

Individuals have scanned magazines from their personal collections and kindly provided them to this wite for people to download:

  • VultureStreet – Nintendo mags galore and more
  • Jason – the Oz mag guru extraordinaire
  • Aral Dite – a brother from down under providing all sorts of content
  • Wonderman – also has a truly diverse range of magazines
  • PirateDragon – another new comer to the site who recently provided Sega Pro
  • Dan in addition to providing physical mags to the site he has recently started submitting scans too. What a trooper πŸ™‚
  • Gladiator – another Retromags contributor who is kindly making his scans available here
  • amorri40 – another member submitting new content
  • Andynick – owner of Magazines from the Past Wiki who is providing scans as he finds issues we do not have
  • Hev – a selection of ST Format issues
  • C-bell – chimed in with PC Zone
  • MarkG – Hyper

Huge thanks to all of you for contributing not just to the site to to the preservation scene. Without you this site wouldn't have the content that it does have.


  1. Thanks everyone who has contributed here, I'd like to contribute too. This is my first attempt at scanning a full magazine, Issue 57 of Sega Pro, the last one published by Paragon (four more were published by Rapide), and reduced to only 36 pages in size, which was why I chose it for my first attempt.

    < Link removed >

    1. Hi PirateDragon,

      Many thanks for this. I have extracted the pages, cropped and rotated where applicable and the issue is now available for everyone to download. Welcome to the site. I have also added you to the contributors list.

      If you need any pointers on scanning/editing etc just let me know.



  2. Hey dude, can you at all send me a dvd of what you've scanned already?

    I live in Palmy, so not far away. Also, have a few old mags on the way, some PSX ones, some old Hypers, and some Hint/Cheat guides. Speaking of which, I dug up a few of my old guides too, one for Duke 3D, one for Gran Turismo 2, and a really old DooM mod/mapping guide. Think I've got an FFVII and Metal Gear Solid guide too.

    Get in touch mate, love to help out.

    1. It isn’t realistiuc to send a DVD of all my personal scans down as they total well over 100GB’s as it stands presently. If you add in all the mags I have downloaded from other sites then it currently runs over 400GB’s

      1. That’s a hefty amount! What if I sent you a harddrive and a return ticket?
        Either way, email me we can sort something out. I could do some limited reprints of mags of your choice too.

  3. Hi Kiwi

    We have emailed in the past but I can’t find the emails. I’ve just got myself an A3 scanner and I have thousands of magazines (Aussie and UK) and can probably fill most of the holes in the Hyper collection

    Can you shoot me an email? I’ll send you a sample megazone I’ve just quickly done

    1. Hiya,

      The contact me for me is It would certainly be great to get more down-under scanners as we’re few and far between compared to UK/USA contributors. Most of my covers for Hyper are online but I know Aral Dite has some of these as well so if you could maybe email a list of your issues it’ll give us a chance to see what we all have between us. Maybe we should rename the site to OzGameMags πŸ™‚

    1. Not a great deal I’m afraid, apart from the old standards like PC Powerplay.

      Most of my computer related stuff is before PCs dominated, and as I wasn’t a PC user until the mid 90s I ended up with a lot of Commodore related stuff instead.

      I have have a huge pile of APCs from the mid 80s once but I have no idea what has become of them πŸ™

      I do have some rareish computer mags like the Aussie edition of PC Games (those are all my scans, plus many more on there) so hopefully I can share some of these rarer magazines with everyone.

  4. Luckily its an old cupboard so its pretty well built so they haven’t even sagged. I do have old floorboards though so I am thinking its still a lot of weight to have on the floor of a hundred year old house like mine, hence the desire to scan and remove some of them from the collection πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for uploading all these issues of PC Powerplay, Jason! I had a whole stack of them myself from 1999-2004 until for some reason I threw them all out around 2006. By 2007 I was dying to read through them again! I thought I’d never see these online ever so I’m really thrilled to see these scans, you’re awesome.

  5. I know what you mean. I have 1000+ mags sitting across five steel storage racks and I am more worried about my foundations than I am about the racks themselves. There’s a heap of weight in paper hence my scanning then dumping the mags afterwards.

  6. Hey chaps, I have a fairly substantial collection of old ps1, pc gamer, etc magazines from around 1997 to 2003 (some of which are already archived on this site) and I'd like to contribute what I can to your collection. I've been hoarding these magazines for nearly 20 years…against the advice of my family & friends telling me to just "put them in the bin already?!" XD I'm just happy to have finally found a community of gamers who appreciate this sort of thing too! As dramatic as ot sounds, I find it really sad to think that there are old magazine issues that were written & edited together by a team of dedicated writers & gaming professionals…appreciated by thousands of people…only to fade forever into the obscurity of the recycling bin a few years later – with not printed evidence remaining of the discussions, articles, work & effort that went into the production of each issue πŸ™

  7. Hi Kiwi.

    Welcome back from your vacations.
    I have uploaded a new issue of Computer & Video Games (issue 218) to the filefactory account, hope that I uploaded it well.

    Hope that you like it.

  8. The current requirements around contributing are that the issue is scanned by yourself @ 200DPI or greater and is not pulled off another website as we don't want to step on other sites toes (even if they are using our content on their sites) or have issues with watermarks in them. If you meet those criteria then by all means use the contact form on the front page to submit a dropbox address and we'll check the scans for clarity etc and make them available here.

    Cheers …. Kiwi

  9. I have a large collection of Computer Gamer/Strategy Plus mags from the late 90s and early 2000s. Would love to see them digitized but I don’t have the time or equipment to scan. I would be willing to send them to you though…

    1. Hiya Cameron,

      That would be great but where do you live?

      As postage to New Zealand is pretty high and I am tapped out with the recent purchases of Edge etc at the present time. We have two scanning members in Australia and a couple in the UK and that’s about it. Unfortunately we do not have any scanning members resident in the USA.

      1. I could pay postage as long as it’s not too outrageous, maybe try sending a package of 10 or so to see how costly… I live Oregon right now but I spent a couple years in windy Wellington a long, long time ago…

  10. Vasya – there's a link to the Filefactory upload page on the right hand side of the page. Look at "Site Information" just under the "Recent Comments" summary section and you can see it linked there



  11. Awesome site! I'd also like to contribute a small stack of PC PowerPlay (Issues 21, 29-34, 36-40, 45 with cover CDs), which have been sitting in a box waiting for a better home. This is definitely it. I'm not equipped for scanning them myself, and you already have these issues, but I'd love to get them to you if any of them would be an upgrade on your current copies.

    I also have the supplemental issues "PC Game Guide No. 1" and "The Quake Bible" if you're interested?

    Contact me via email if you're interested.

  12. I absolutely love the goal of this project and I want to donate a ton of USA magazines for digital preservation. How can I contact you to discuss shipping details? Magazines range everything from PSM, OPM, EGM, GameNow, GamePro, Expert Gamer, Play and a couple of one-offs.

  13. Hi everyone it is Barry here, does anyone hav scans of Next 3 or PSU 3 magazine from the same printer as Play the Playstation magazine?

  14. I have a couple of those, but have found they are amongst the rarest of magazines.  Never come up on eBay.  Unfortunately as I only scan my duplicates, they are not going to be scanned by me anytime soon. Sorry.

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