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PlayStation Official 2 (AUS) …

Issue 18 of this title is now available. This is one of those split cover page issues where they open out to reveal an advert so I have combined the advert and split it down the middle which allows for proper viewing in side by side page mode.

I only have a couple of issues left to scan for this particular magazine but one issue (22) is badly affected by water damage so it looks like I will not bother scanning it at this point in time in the hope that someone comes across a copy in better condition.


Scanner: Kiwi 

PlayStation 2 Official (UK) …

I only possess one issue of the UK version of this title so I thought I might as well get it scanned and into the recycling bin. The result is issue 27 is now available via the Google Drive link on the updated product page. While you are there visit the Supplements directory where you can find the PSP supplement that came with issue 21 I believe thanks to Andynick.


Scanner: Kiwi 

Planet PlayStation …

Out of the blue Andynick is back with a vengeance, bestowing upon us issue 02 of yet another magazine I haven't seen anywhere else before today. Woohoo!!!!

You can grab this issue from here.
Note: It appears that the last page is missing from both his physical copies of this issue. It comprised a set of Battle cards so if anyone has this and can scan the last two pages and submit them we will add them.


Scanner: Andynick