Category: Multi-Format (UK)

Ultimate Future Games …

The second to last magazine left to scan from Alex1's donations also happens to be the first issue of this title. 

There was some damage to the cover of this one and the shiny gloss paper it was printed on played havoc with feeding pages through the document scanner but all told I think it looks great. If you spot anything amiss let me know. I will retain the print copy until my next recycle in two weeks time in case I need to rescan a page although I have been through it and didn't see anything requiring a re-scan.


Donated by: Alex1
Scanner: Kiwi 

Edge Magazine …

Catching up on a couple of older issues of this title with Issue 143 now available. Boy, the NDS is such a nice little console!!

Additonally, issues 202 & 205 have been archived for the day when we can make them available (hopefully soon!!).


Scanner: Kiwi