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Computer & Video Games (CVG) …

Yesterday the first of two incoming packages arrived on my doorstep containing all manner of goodies thanks to the kind donation by retromags member Alex1. Coming out of Europe this package will be of particular interest to those of you into UK magazines. First off the scanner is one of the "holy grail, never been scanned fully before today" issues, that being none other than issue 154. That's correct, issue 154 has received the high quality scanning it deserves and is now available for download.


Donated by: Alex1
Scanner: Kiwi


If you enjoy this issue please consider donating towards the postage costs getting this half way around the world. There are several more gems in this package to come  🙂


Computer & Video Games (CVG) …

Issue 89 is now available. Huge thanks go out as usual to Gladiator for scanning these. I have a big chunk of these from issue 13 through 83 but none of the later issues so between us we managed to cover a lot of ground between us.

Regarding this particular title I may have some interesting news in the new year if things pan out with a potential donation. Stay tuned  🙂