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marktrade has been releasing 600DPI versions of his latest magazine releases on This awesome monster weighed in at 1.3GB's in size so I have reduced the resolution to 300PDI with a vertical height of 3300 pixels for a more palatable 327MB version. If you want a smaller version head on over to Retromags or if you are into sensationally huge files head on over to marktrade's archive page, the link of which we shouted out in a previous post recently.

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The Nov/Dec 1991 issue of Game Players PC Strategy Guide is now available. I assume it is the correct dates as they neglected to advertise them inside the magazine but considering the bi-monthly nature of previous releases I think it's safe, as much as you can be with this title anyway, to run with the above dates. This is the last issue of this particular title Cameron sent me. As soon as my new rollers arrive it's back to Computer Games: Strategy Plus releases.

This issue came with a ginormous poster for the cover game Strike Commander. I cut it down the middle, fed it through the FI-5650c and stitched it back together as best I could. You can find it attached at the back of the magazine.


Donated by: Cameron
Scanner: Kiwi