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Downtime …

I will be away from home for a few days so updates will be even less than they have been for the last couple of weeks.

On a positive note, my local telco has finally got fiber laid in my road and I am currently awaiting installation of a gigabit connection to my home which will be installed in two weeks time all going well. By hosting OGM from home this will allow me to trim the costs of running the site down to basically the cost of retaining the domain name and the Mediafire connection for downloads which will be hugely beneficial given site donations to date have all gone towards the shipping of magazines to me for scanning rather than anything to do with the costs of maintaining the website. It may be that we see a name change for the site at some point as well as I have never been particularly happy with the potential association with the "oldgamemags" tumbler site which sprang up afterwards.

On an even more positive note, much of my recent downtime has been spent getting a huge load of digital editions of current magazines archived in the event the publishers decide to discontinue them or stop making digital editions available. Big thanks go out to Andynick and Survivalist1 for providing content. I cannot stress how important archiving newer content is. We simply do not want to be put in the same situation in a decades time that we are in today regarding 1980's/1990's content where huge swatches of magazines have yet to be scanned. It's highly likely we will never be able to complete some titles. We disregard current titles at our peril.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Site Updates …

If you have been visiting pages which have content served by a "Direct Download" button you will have noticed that it goes nowhere. It would appear that Ali's server is down or he has decided to delete the OGM files. I have no issues with this at all as I haven't uploaded new content to that server for months now after I couldn't synch to it and decided to use Mediafire instead.

As a result of this I will start to trawl through all the affected pages over the coming days and remove and replace the link with the appropriate Mediafire directory links. Thanks for your patience while I do this …..

Game Informer (AUS) …

Jason's on somewhat of a forced scanning hiatus at the present time but did manage to sneak through issue 84 before going dark. 🙂


Scanner: Jason

NOTE: This issue is not available for download. It has been archived strictly for preservation purposes in the event that the publisher were to cease to exist and digital editions were no longer able to be acquired legitimately.


Site Updates …

I have unfortunately been forced to ban another commentor from this site today (Glitcher) If someones sole purpose on commenting is to throw verbal garbage in anyone's direction (not just at myself) they are not simply welcome to post comments here.

It seems to me that some people have an expectation that this site is here to service their personal desires in regards to what titles are scanned and made available so I thought I would like to clear up these apparent misconceptions:

  • This site is here to preserve any and all magazine titles related to computing/gaming and where there is no work being done by the publishers (if they even exist) to make digital versions available
  • Donated magazines forwarded to any of our scanning members by a donator for the purposes of scanning them are afforded first priority as these people have paid to ship their personal collections to us, usually at some cost, so it is simply polite to make all efforts to scan them as soon as practical.
  • Raw scans provided by scanning mambers who choose not to edit them themselves go into the pool of work to be processed when I have the spare time to devote to them. What order they are processed in solely determined by myself and not by when they were received. There are well over 100 magazines in this pool at the current time
  • Donations via PAYPAL are gratefully accepted and put towards continuing to keep the site alive and to assist with acquiring scanning supplies and new magazines. Almost all current donations have been used to fund the 1TB Google Drive plan where files are archived, Mediafire for visitor accessible file storage and recently to pay for shipping of Computer Games:Strategy Plus magazines from a donator in the USA. I have stated that significant size donations carry weight with me and that if you make a comment around your favorite magazines when donating I will endevour if able to see if we can make that title available on at least a semi-regular basis if I have issues of the title in question OR I have raw scans from another scanning member that can be edited. No donating members have made requests and I think that is because they accept that this undertaking is monumental in regard to the sheer number of titles requiring preservation and are happy with the mix of titles being released. 

That last point is pretty important. Magazines received from our scanning members in finished format are uploaded by myself as soon as I can get them done. I don't purposely hold back one title or another for finsihed PDF's so what you see on any given week is simply what has been received from the guys. My own scans and or any raw files submitted by the guys are processed as per my personal desires as I am the one editing usually 100 or more pages per magazine. I try and mix up editing raw scans so that we get a different selection on a weekly basis to make things interesting for people visiting the site. As I only had two issues of N64 Magazine from Dan I elected to spread their editing/releases out given ther sheer quantity of other Nintendo specifc magazines released in the last year or two. This did not sit well with the banned member who elected to choose confrontational discourses which only resolved me to put back releases of the title in question.

If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to comment in a positive and polite manner. I have no problems turning OGM into a closed/member only site if required as the only people owed anything are donating and scanning members. However, let's hope I am never forced into such a situation. Being polite when commenting and simply being accepting of our releases should ensure I don't have to go down that path. 

What’s Coming Up at OGM? …

What will 2017 bring for OGM? Unfortunately my crystal ball is just as rusty now as it was last year, and the year before that etc but I can take a stab at what might be happening in the next couple of months …..

  • All things being equal I should be receiving a big parcel of PC gaming magazines from stateside in the next couple of weeks from Cameron. Titles include Computer Games:Strategy Plus, a few issues Total PC Gaming which have not been scanned prior to now and possibly even a couple of issues of Computer Pilot, a defunct title dedicated to flight simulators. Boy I'm looking forward to seeing these
  • Hopefully at some point I will also be receiving a package from the other side of the world from a Retromags member with some Nintendo and multi-format magazine goodness to fill in a few blanks in our current lineup
  • marktrade has scanned and dumped loads of raw scans for a heap of different titles so I will continue wading through getting those edited and online along with the two outstanding issues of N64 Magazine from Dan
  • Obviously in addition scanning magazines sent to me I will be trying to pick up the pace with my own scanning

On a more personal note I send my best wishes to our scanning members who are suffering from ill-health and I pray for a speedy recovery to the both of you. Please stay in touch if you are able to although I totally understand if events dictate that you are unable to.

Lastly, to everyone who has donated time scanning, or provided magazines to scan, or contributed funds to help keep the site running and acquiring new magazines, THANK YOU for your vote of confidence in the site. Let's make 2017 the best yet for OGM!!

Mediafire Links …

Transferring files is going smoothly if slowly onto the Mediafire account. I have adjusted all pages for magazine titles from UZ to reflect the changes.

UPDATETZ have now been updated along with half of S. Those pages with missing galleries after the site theme update a couple of months ago have been fixed  🙂

Site Updates …

With uploading all files to Google Drive completed I am now using the Multicloud synching service to synch all the files between Google Drive and my Mediafire account. Once this is done I intend making files available to site visitors via Mediafire links solely. The reasons are twofold: 

  • If a request for content takedown were to be processed it will result in the loss of Mediafire content ONLY which would allow me to resynch to another provider via the Google Drive account and be back up and running again with far less impact than what was experienced with the Megaupload fiasco a few years ago
  • The read server is down again as far as uploading content and getting it visible is concerned and Ali hasn't replied to emails since mid-September on the issues I am experiencing. I have therefore decided to discontinue using his server. I don't want to continue pestering him when he is busy with his life and work commitments like we all are but I need file access to be reliable and consistent

Whether Ali continues to keep the server up or not is his choice. Take advantage of it while you can (it's great for reading mags while on the bus etc) but expect to see pages altered to reflect these changes as content is migrated to Mediafire.

On another note, I have family flying in from Australia in a few days time to spend the long weekend with us, catching up and watching the Wallaby's getting their ass handed to them by the AB's  🙂
Due to this I am in the process of moving my scanner out of the spare room but before that trying to scan a big pile of Look & Learns so I can throw them in the recycling rather than having to carry them downstairs to the basement. Therefore new magazine updates will be sporadic for a week or so until I am back up and running again.

Site News …

Nothing major has happened. We're still here, just that I have been busy with getting the Google Drive account setup with ALL the currently available scans thanks to our new 1TB plan. Good news is everything has now been uploaded and I simply have to work out how I want to make access available to them ( directory or file level ) then implement it. Then I can get back to scanning mags.

In other news Jason has been bombarding me with scan too recent to be made available at the present time. Lots of Hyper issues and even some Game Informer (AUS) scans as well. I have been busy screen-grabbing recent issues of Retro Gamer, Games tm, PC Gamer (USA) and even some older X-One mags as well, the covers of which have been added to their product pages here.

Gladiator has been busy as well and dropped CVG issue 091 into the mailbox. That will be uploaded as soon as I have a few more scans available to release with it.

Site Updates …

Todays news is a biggie from the sites file redundancy/backup perspective.

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Phillyman, owner of Retromags, we now have a 1TB Google Drive account. This is excellent news as we continue to have niggling issues with uploading files to the direct download server and prior to this donation we could only host 1/7th of the total number of our files on Google. As a result of this I have synched my NAS to the Google Drive account and set it to uploading/synching the entire collection of issues. Once this is complete I will adjust the site links to point to the magazine archive. Any new scanned files dropped into the NAS directories will automatically populate to the Google account thanks to automatic syncing so less manual work for me as well.

If that isn't big enough news Phillyman and I have also agreed to sync each sites magazines collections. Whether this will result in both sites files being replicated on each others sites is still to be decided. He could host all our mags in CBR format for example while we host PDF versions of theirs would which allow visitors to either site to download the version of their choice. This is still being debated in the background BUT having both sites files replicated in full elsewhere will ensure that our collections don't disapppear if either site were to be shut down. Given the amount of sites hosting our files without asking/acknowledgement, often in lower quality, I don't see any negative aspects to this at all.

Feel free to visit Retromags and thank Phillyman for his donation and if you want to, throw ideas out there regarding this. More on this as it develops ….