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First Published: 1988
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If Gamasutra are to be believed this is a magazine started in the UK, sold to a USA company, produced under four or five different names then amazingly discontinued due to the shennanigans of the publisher in regards to email spamming on the MySpace social networking site. If that is the case then all I can say is "OMG!!!!!!" and it is one of, if not THE weirdest stories regarding a magazines demise that I have ever heard.  



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  1. I remember this magazine, I used to buy it when it was just ‘Strategy Plus’ and covered board games as well as PC, Amiga and Atari ST. It had some great pieces such as the Wing Commander review which I remember well to this day and was better written than many of the long surviving games magazines around today. It faded from my local newsagents shelves as others such as PC Zone began to appear and sadly I suspect my collection was dumped by my mother once I had moved out.

  2. Please upload more. This magazine is great. It had a giant archive on their old website before they had a server crash one year ago and they lost their whole database. 🙁

  3. I used to write for the magazine, and I can assure you the Gamasutra article is correct. I remember a frantic early morning call from my editor telling me he was basically fired, and to not submit any of the articles I was working on. I definitely had the feeling he felt very betrayed. The owner had a software sales company called Chips & Bits, and always had full multi-page ads in every edition. His mail order business seemed pretty solid at the time, although I had problems getting timely payments near the end on the magazines end. It's a shame, it had the potential of going the way Game Informer did for Gamestop way before them. I liked the magazine, and liked the editor better than the okay guys at Computer Gaming World.

  4. Thanks for relaying your personal experiences over this and welcome to the site.

    I remember the Chips & Bits ads in CGW and even in Amiga World magazine as I recall. I think I even purchased off them. Although I do not have many issues of this title I quite like the magazine. It's always a shame when a magazine shuts down but the reasons for the closure of this one is way, way out of the norm. Usually it's because they aren't selling enough to recoup costs or advertising revenue is down.

    As with all closures the people affected element is the one that invariably hurts the most.

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