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Publisher: Next Media Pty. Ltd
Total Issues: Still in production
First Published: Dec 1993

Australia's premiere multi-format gaming magazine.

After years of other publishers releasing digital versions of their products Next Publishing finally came to their senses and started making versions of this title available through Zinio and via Pixelmag's Readr application for the iPad. Unfortunately, this was short-lived and along with changing to a quarterly publication all previously released issues available through Readr and Zinio appear to have been pulled which is incredibly bad from a digital purchasers perspective.



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  • 1182
  • 183current (not available due to date restrictions)


    1. Sure will. I am just trying to close out the NGC Magazines so we have the complete set available and then Hyper will be back on my short list of mags to scan.

  1. Still regret throwing out my old hyper mags from the very early years (94-98) when I moved house. Hope to see them here someday. Great site, will donate a few bob when I can.

    1. No worries. Glad you are finding magazines of interest on our little website. Pretty much the place to visit for content from downunder methinks 🙂

      We have three scanning members (myself included) from this neck of the woods keeping an eye on the local auction sites for more issues to scan. I still have plenty to scan at the current time.

  2. Hey mate. Perhaps you could flick me an email with your address?

    I have a small box of mags I could donate to you. Theres a few Hypers in there, early years, but a little tatty. Plus a few that i managed to score ex-library.

    The other mags are mostly well read Playstation ones.


    And, I've got a near full set of Edge mag (Up to 100). I'll have to see how well I can scan them using a sheet of glass and an android scanner app.

    1. Hi Luke,

      Don't bother with Edge at the present time. I have a huge lot of those including raw scans up to issue 50 that just require editing and lots of physical issues that require scanning. Additionally, we are working to acquire all missing issues at this time off a collector so things are looking good there. I'll let you know if a we do need something though. If you have issue 04 of the Australian edition I'd love to acquire that one as it is the only issue missing from our collection.

  3. I could probably take the Hypers and Playstation ones to scan for the site, if you're in Oz it would save sending them all the way to NZ to Kiwi

    1. I think Luke might be in NZ …. down Palmy way?

      If he is I'll happily take the Hyper/PlayStation mags but it would be better to wait until I get back from holiday so they don't arrive after I've left and sit on the doorstep waiting for someone to snatch them. I leave in two weeks and am away for two weeks so if it can wait a month that would be good. If he is in OZ you're the man alright 🙂

      1. I've been away from the site for a bit. Where would I send the mags pal? Some a re pretty ratty, and some have library stickers on them.

        1. Hi Luke,

          Welcome back. I believe Jason has a huge collection of Hyper and can fill most of the holes in our collection. I'll try and find out exactly what we have between us and let you know what is missing. I believe he's keen to get onto scanning those veryh soon now.

  4. Hey there, love these back issues. I have issue 18 of OPS if you want it to be scanned, and I really want to be able to read some of those later Hypers. If you need issue 18 of OPS should I start scanning them?

    1. Looking at the amount you have (some covers), I think it would be good. It's showing off Crash Bandicoot 3, so it's fairly old.

  5. If you are referring to the current Australian cersion of OPS then I have that issue. If it is the UK version it would be good to know the publishing date of the issue as we may not be able to make it available due to date restrictions.

  6. Okay. Sounds good but let me check my collection as I have a few more issues in my basement and I'd hate for you to spend time manually scanning an issue when if I have it I can scan it is a matter of minutes using my Fujitsu document scanner.

    I have a huge number of magazines I haven't put covers up for to save clutter on pages and I think Jason might have some too so he might be able to comment as well. As with everything, everyone scans what they want to scan and submit so what appears on the site is determined by their current preferences. I have a lot of early Hypers to scan but newer issues past the 2007 date aren't currently available. Stay tuned though as the date is a moving target here and at some point in the next few months the cut-off date will change to 2008 allowing issues produced in 2007 to be made available.

        1. Try downloading it again. It's been downloaded multiple times since it was uploaded and you are the first to have an issue so it maybe a corrupt download.

  7. Any chance of more Hyper issues going up in the future? Particularly the earlier ones, I'm really loving reading through all of these!

    Thanks so much to anyone and everyone who has uploaded!

  8. I think Jason and I have scanned all our early issues of this magazine so unless we get someone donating or come across more issues on EBAY etc there's not much chance of seeing new scans at the present time.

  9. It was a good idea putting up the incomplete issues section, i'll start scanning the missing pages you need for Hyper before I do any more full issues, i'll send it through later in the week

  10. Thanks Mark,

    I have a few mags with similar issues. I was going to biff them but this allows us to retain the issues in the hope that someone like yourself comes along with the missing pages.

  11. Glad to see that issue # 3 is up on the site now, just wanted to mention that I am travelling around different parts of the country at the moment and can't do any more scanning until at least another few weeks when I'm back home with my computer and reliable internet. Unfortunately I am missing issues 4, 5 and 6, so the next one I scan will be # 7, hopefully other contributors can help fill in this gap for us. As always thanks to everybody else contributing to the site, thanks for the great effort you've all put in.

  12. I just came across your site and I love love love seeing Hyper magazine available. The only gaming magazine that I could read and nerd out on, whilst still thinking I was cooler than I was. 🙂 I'm deffo going to donate to help your efforts!

    Just reading through issue 1, I noticed that pages 25 and 26 are switched.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Just came across your site today, excellent work guys!  Particularly love reading the earliest Hyper issues, brings back great memories!  Is there any chance of finding issues #4 and #5?  The earliest Hyper's are both fascinating and a great read! 

    Thanks so much to everyone who has uploaded!

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