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There always seems to be someone asking why I haven't uploaded a particular magazine issue (usually someone wanting Nintendo magazines) so I thought I might as well spell out exactly what I have to process on top on the 1200+ magazines in my personal collection in the basement.

Priority 1 – Physical magazine issues awaiting scanning (provided by donators to the site)

  • 64 Magazine – 29
  • Computer Games – 124, 126, 138, 154
  • Mega – 21

Priority 2 – Raw scans which need editing

  • N64 Magazine – one issue + Zelda Guide
  • NMS (UK) – 1994 Game Guide
  • Game On – one issue
  • Game Players/Ultra Game Players – twenty one issues
  • Liverpool Software Gazette – four issues
  • Look & Learn – heaps of issues
  • MegaTech – two issues
  • PC Gamer (USA) – twelve issues
  • Play (USA) – thirty six issues
  • RISC Magazine – heaps of issues
  • Sega Force – one issue
  • Sega Pro – four issues
  • The Games Machine – one issue
  • Probably more sitting in directories on my PC/NAS

Thanks to the use of a document scanner it is a lot faster for me to scan a magazine in my collection than it is to edit every single page for a magazine submitted as raw scans so these are edited as and when I have a suitable block of time to process them and are done on a "what I feel like editing" basis. I don't do requests for editing raw scans, or any particular titles to be honest as I like to vary my releases however, IF you want a particular issue made available there's no harm in making a donation to the site and putting your preference in the PAYPAL page free-text field. Donations of a reasonable amount will encourage me to work on the donators preferred magazine issue, or issues, depending on the size of the donation.

I'm sure most people are happy seeing whatever is released but for those of you with esoteric desires the donation option is there to encourage me so to speak. Don't forget all donations are used for the betterment of the site so it's a win-win anyway.


    1. Yes I do but it is the Australian edition, same content but with "Edge presents…"  replaced by something else I cannot recall at present. Must have a look for it when down in the storage area next …..

  1. Does anyone plan to upload Next3/PSU3 now that the publisher has changed hands and will never release them digitally or otherwise? There were only a few issues !

  2. Hey, love the work you're doing on this! I was wondering if you had Arcade Magazine #18 (April 2000)? I can't find it anywhere, and I'm looking for the piece on the cancelled PS2/PC version of The World Is Not Enough to see if I can learn more about it.

    1. We have a complete collection of this title online. Grab the issue you want from Mediafire via the updated link on the magazine page. 🙂


      1. If it's helps you to make your work faster, you can use edited UGP here. I think marktrade and phylliman don't mind. I, as editor, don't mind.


        1. Cheers.

          I know Phillyman is okay with it. As Retromags is more USA content oriented that OGM I've been content to let them have the USA content by and large apart from those mags where marktrade has made raw scans available that are UK. I will be putting your edits of Super Play along with any of PC Gamer (USA) up here at some point though  🙂

  3. I have the physical copy of this magazine (UK edition). Happy to mail it over for scanning if you don't find your Australian edition. I have Edge issue 200 as well. Can send both but do let me know if you don't already have them.

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