N64 Magazine

Publisher: Future PLC
Total Issues: 59
First Published: April 1997
Publsiher Digital Issue Availability: 0

This magazine was originally titled Super Play and was renamed upon the release of Nintendo's wonderful N64 console. It would itself be renamed NGC Magazine with the imminent arrival of the Gamecube console after 59 issues had been released.



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  1. I just want to say, thank you so much for scanning these magazines! I was a longtime fan of N64/NGC Magazine back in the day, and I unfortunately had to dump most of my issues when I moved out of Belgium. Complete collections are expensive on eBay and I thought I'd never see these again, so I'm delighted that you've taken it upon yourself to scan them all. I'm looking forward to reading issue #31 because of the scathing Superman 64 review. That's one issue I never owned. Hope to see it soon! 😀

    1. All good. I have one issue of NGC to scan and that’s the whole collection finished for that title. Lots of N64 magazine issues to go though they are scanned by other members (I just do the editing on those) so I cannot say definitvely when we’ll see issue 31 to be honest. Fingers crossed …

      1. Thanks for the news! Also, I don't know if you realize this, but Archive.org has all the issues of Super Play and NGC Magazine available here:



        Maybe it could have saved you some trouble if you just mirrored that? :p Anyway, they only have about half of the N64 Magazine issues, which is why I'm looking forward to seeing more on this site. With regards to file size, I think you can make them much smaller than 300MB. When I download your files, I run them through Comic Rack and convert them to CBZ files with a set height of 1500px. The result is a perfectly readable file that's around 45MB in size. It would save us both a lot of time uploading and downloading if you considered that option.

    2. Hi Glitcher,

      I'm working through scanning the mags now. I've recently aquired issues 19-38, so I'm in the process of scannning these. I'm going through these in numerical order, so Issue 31 is a little way off at the moment i'm afraid. I'll be getting on to it soon though.


        1. Glitcher most of those scans up on Archive.org were done by a chap called Mort in the UK many years ago now. They were great at the time for reading the magazines but the quality is not so great (you can tell they were done quickly) and we're here to preserve the magazines, so the aim is to get the best quality possible.

          Likewise downsizing them – 300dpi not only ensures that we have great quality now, but it won't look awful on any new , higher res devices. You can see proof of that if you try and look at some of those old scans on an Ipad Retina or other high DPI device – they look terrible.

  2. I'll add a couple of comments here too….

    Where do you think Archive.org got those NGC Magazine scans?

    They have never been released anywhere other than here so if that's the case then someone is simply uploading our content there after converting to various size formats. What rankles is that they make no effort whatsoever to state where they obtained the material. They simply take other sites work and proclaim themselves to be some sort of legitimate site for achiving the internet. What a load of crap!!! They are commiting copyright offences without any regard for the publishers. 

    For example, they have the first 50 issues of Games tm available to download. They are simply the scans that Imagine Publishing put onto DVD and sell through their online shop. Not only have they ripped the publishers content but are preventing them from earning revenue by making them available for free.

    Sites like this one, Retromags and OoPA are dedicated to preserving magazines but not at the cost of preventing the publishers from earning a living off their creations. That's why I pulled issue 01 of Edge when we found out Future PLC had released it for sale on iTunes. Until recently you could also obtain Retro Gamer issues there as well but they appear to have been pulled, hopefully because of a cease and desist from Imagine Publishing. Making a complete MAME romset available there without the consent of the game manufacturers doesn't sound legitimate either no matter what DMCA provisions they 'comply' with.

    Lastly, what Dan said re quality is correct re Archive.org. A huge chuck of their magazines are old crap quality files that have been floating around on torrent sites for years. I know, I have just about every magazine ever released but there's no way in hell I'd want my site hosting such awful quality material here that's for sure!!!

    1. Not sure what you mean? I think we answered the Archive.org comments you made quite some time ago and I thought the "begs" comment was answered perfectly well by the release of issue 19 the other day …. well, earlier today anyways  ….

    2. Hi Glitcher,

      Sorry, I thought I replied to your comment just after you made it. It must not have gone through for whatever reason.

      I am trying to scan whenever I can, but I'm trying to keep a bit of variety in what I scan, hence the Nintendo World scans. Of course Kiwi is the one editing the scans, and I know he's got alot on, so there's no pressure from me whatsoever for him to release them. 

      I still intend on getting the whole series scan, it will just take a little time is all.




  3. Cheers for these fellas, Dan if you need any of the unscanned issues let me know and i can send them to you if your in the UK?

    1. I'm all sorted with N64 magazine thanks, I got all the remaining issues a couple of months ago. 

      Thanks anyway,

  4. Just so everyone knows I still Dan's scans of issues 20, 48 & 51-58 still to edit.That's a lot that I am behind I know but like everyone else I try to have some variety in my editing/scans etc. And Jason/Andy have been pouring out scans that need very little editing done to them so I've been somewhat immersed in getting their submissions online as soon as possible. At this stage however, I am targeting getting one issue per week of these edited and available on the site.

    1. As I've always said, no pressure from me. I'm actually enjoying taking the time to read these in physical format again before I take them apart to scan them.




      1. Hey Dan.

        Do you think that the N64 magazine was the best mag for the nintendo 64 system?

        Is there any other mag that you could say that did also a good job in the n64 era?


        1. Yeah, I think N64 Magazine was the best magazine. In terms of quality it was always top notch, you could tell they had a decent budget behind it and everything  was well written. I especially liked the way they covered the games in such depth due to the N64's lack of releases. Each and every article whether it a preview, review or a feature was always well written.

          As for the other Nintendo magazines of that era, there were the following in the UK:

          Official Nintendo Magazine
          64 Magazine
          Total 64
          N64 Pro / Nintendo Pro
          and 64 Extreme

          I've ranked them in my order of preference, I had at least one issue of each.

          Nintendo Official is probably the best alternative, however as they were official, sometimes scores were inflated because of Nintendo's influence. Theres quite afew issues of that on here, so you can have a look for yourself. The magazine was published by Emap, who made a number of long running magazines such as CVG & Mean Machines.

          64 Magazine was published by Paragon, who made Dreamcast Magazine amongst others. The quality perhaps wasn't as good as N64 Mag and from what I remember it was much more cluttered. It still read well though, and they always had good tips and guides, in fact they released their own Tips magazine titled 64 Solutions).

          The other magazines probably aren't worth reading, the information they had was quite badly put together, and all seem to be cluttered. In my opinion, It's a bit pointless when you have N64 Magazine issues readily available.

          Hope this helps, most of these are just my memories, of which N64 magazine is the strongest as it accompanied me through my school days. I know there are a few odd magazines out there, I think Wonderman released afew on Retromags a while ago, but since they lost the uk database these have all gone I'm afraid.

          If you have any other questions, I'll do my best to answer.


          1. I have issues 01 & 25 of 64 Magazine on my HDD along with issue 11 of 64 Solutions which were released over at Retromags but I have no idea who actually scanned them. If they were Wonderman I would make them available here but I cannot verify that as I haven't heard from him in ages which is a shame,

          2. Thanks for your great answer!

            I agree with everything you wrote about N64 mag.. They did an amazing job.. (the only thing i didn't like was that even in magazine n. 59 they had in their uk directory games that didn't get a PAL release, like Asteroids Hyper, Battletanx, Battlezone, NFL Blitz, 40 Winks..)

            I 've got some Official Nintendo Mags in physical format.. it's not a bad mag but there were some weird scores as you said.. For example..Tarzan 90% (N64 gave 35%), Donald 90% (N64 gave 69%)..

            I downloaded a 64 magazine mag in here but didn't like it.. Also, i think that the australians mags like N64 Gamer were very poor..

            So i ll keep downloading N64 mag until someday i ll get all 59 mags..

            Thank u!

          3. Hello Dan,

            Thank you for your great work here. These bring back some wonderful memories!

            I was wondering if you might consider adding 64 Extreme to the database? I really enjoyed reading it (although I realise you have ranked it last in your list!) I have had a look online and have come up with very few results so it would be wonderful to see anything you might have. Thanks again.

  5. Just a (stupid?) question..

    I 've seen mags 1-6 available for download in other retro magazine sites.. That's the reason for being unavailble here?


    1. Hi Kostas,

      The N64 magazines here were all scanned by either myself of VultureStreet. Issues 1-6 (now 7) were scanned by Meppi on the OutOfPrintArchive, therefore there was no need for us to scan them in. Kiwi I think reasoned that there was no need for him to host someone elses mags here. Meppi's scans are very good quality so are definately worth checking out if you haven't already!


    2. The ONLY reason they are not here is because no-one who has copies has scanned and submitted them. I'd much rather we have our own scans and Meppi's are overly bright for my tastes (until such time as he goes back and creates new editions) so I would love it if we had our own versions.

  6. 2/9/2014 and 30 of the 59 issues are online! I think all the N64 magazine fans must thank you for your hard work!

    Seems that one day the complete collection will be online (and people will keep stealing your magz and uploading them to other sites lol)!

    Just magz 1-6, 20-38, 48, 53, 55, 56 to go!

    Thanks again.

  7. i got issue 21- has different cover from site example. i had tones of these but binned them as i had no where to put them- i truly hate myself for it as i got loads of 3d world magazines and still have them- god damn who the hell wants old tutorials to aging software. the banta! the cut throat reviews- the issue that makes referance to my unprintable comic reponding to ‘who would win between link and lara croft competition’- in which link hacks off laras boobs and replaces them with b-bombs and explodes mortal kambat 4 style head into the screen. will scan- but an’t to sure how to upload. should ask ebayers to scan to as its the only sure way of directly asking someone who owns an issue who hasn’t come across this site…(just hope upload is easy so’s not to deter)

    1. Umm …. can someone who has issue 21 comment on this? Were there two different covers?

      Can you photograph your cover and upload it using the upload feature or dropbox/imgur it?

      I know Edge has had multiple covers but I didn’t think Future PLC did that for N64/NGC etc

      1. As far as I know, there was only one cover for issue 21. I’ve only ever seen that one on eBay etc. Its certainly the one I scanned!

        N64 and NGC didn’t have any alternate covers (as far as I know) but NGamer did, there were a couple of Pokemon themed issues with as many as 30 different covers!


  8. hi when you put the rest of magazines if you want i will help you i have a magazine spanish Hobby Consolas 1-250 in PDF i have Mean Machines ,Mean Machines sega, sega saturn uk all this 3 i have full edition i have a magazine maxiconsolas portuguese but i started to work to put in pdf my ideia is the all magazines and bookzines uk,spain,portuguese, french, german, usa, japan, in pdf if you need help i will help you and my another ideia is put the image of the boxes games and the instrucion manual all pal games in pdf please say something thanks

    1. Hi Bruno,

      Welcome to the site. I hope you are finding and enjoying the range of magazines on the website.

      In regards to magazine submissions the general rule is if you scaqnned it you can submit it. We don't like to tread on other sites toes by hosting their content. That's why we haven't touched Sega Saturn magazine because the ones available on the net have generally been scanned by OoPA. Same for Mean Machines where most scans are from torrent sites etc. I would be interested in Hobby Consolas IF they are good quality (no watermarks etc) as I don't think any other sites are actively hosting them so if you want to upload an issue for me to look at by all means use the upload button on the home page and I'll have a look.

      Re scanning game boxes etc I haven't spent a lot of time on the gallery of late as it's hard enough keeping up with getting magazines online so it's a rather neglected part of the site at present and I don't see it chaging any time soon to be honest.

    1. Hiya,

      The link is available and downloading fine for me. Try again as the server may have been under maintenance when you tried previously.

    1. I still have issues 20, 21, 37, 38, 48 & 53 that I received scans from Dan that need to be edited so keep going on those Edge issues my friend. As far as I am concerned you guys scan what you want, when you want and everything is a bonus. I am pretty sure Dan has other issues scanned as well, just hasn't sent them through so best leave this title aside until I have a more definitive answer on what issues are outstanding.

      1. Just one thing.. If the guys (Dan, Vulture Street, Jason) won't scan issues 1-6, i think it would be nice to host Meppie's scans.. for a most complete collection..

        Don't know if you agree..just saying..

        1. I absolutely will not host Meppi's scans but I believe Dan has some, maybe all of those issues so at some point I think we will have our own scans here. For a complete collection like our NGC Magazine section 🙂

          1. Hi Guys,

            I'm working through scanning all the issues I have, which is everything upwards of 19. I also have issue 6 (which is a low priority to scan because of Meppi's scans already out there), but nothing before that I'm afraid. It has been slow progress, as I just haven't had the time needed to scan them all, nevertheless I'm still intending on getting everything I have scanned in as soon as I can. I'm also trying to put a bit of variety into what I scan, so there are a couple of Nintendo World scans forthcoming and afew other suprises in store.

            Watch this space!


  9. Keep up the great work, guys! I have such good memories of this magazine – in my opinion, it's the best gaming magazine there's been (and I've read a lot). Thanks for helping to preserve them. 🙂

  10. Any chance of getting issue 17 re-uploaded please mate? Had a catastrophic hard drive failure so trying to re-download what I've lost! Cheers.

    1. Hiya,

      Long time no hear. Yeah, I'll get it uploaded. Been trying to work out what's lost and so on and haven't got to N64 Magazine yet but it will be pretty soon. Sorry to hear about the HDD crash. Been there done that a couple of times myself  🙁

      1. Yeah, it's been months since the last update and I'm still waiting for the 20's and 30's issues. I hope you make good on your word to upload them.

  11. Yeah sorry I haven't been around these parts much lately – had a lot going on! I'll be moving house soon and hope to re-commence scanning when I can afford a new scanner. Good news is I still have my mag collection including Arcade.

  12. Hi Glitcher,

    The intention still is to scan and release all the remaining magazines. It just takes time to get through them. Time which I simply haven’t had of late (see my comments elsewhere).


    1. And I am more interetsted in getting everything uploaded to the new server at this point in time.

      Unfortunately there are always some people who are only interested in us making what they want available before anything else and they have a bleat and moan about it. Zzap!64 and this magazine seem to be the ones that bring out the … er … best … in people for some reason. Not sure why as there are plenty of better titles out there as far as I am concerned. They should be happy that we have over 30 issues available already. If they were required to wait for Meppi to release over at OoPA they wouldn't seem them in their lifetime such is his release schedule

      1. Forgive Glitcher for his comment Kiwi..

        I 'm also a big fan of N64 Magazine and really anxious to see a complete set. I 'm really patient thought because i know that it's not an easy task to own a site like this.. For example, all that filefactory thing was too frustrating.

        I hope that you won't get angry and upset and decide to never upload an issue again! 😛

        You 've done a really great work until now and i think that if i had to wait for Meppi to get a complete set i would probably die first!

  13. I think Meppi has gone about it the wrong way, I can understand what he is trying to do with his scans, but what he should have done – in my opinion – is just upload his scans instead of trying to do a high quality restore (which takes ages to do). The larger community who are interested in this could have then helped him to do a cleanup on said scans afterwards. But I guess its his site and his decision…

    It could be that he already tried this and it didn't go well?

    Anyway, keep up the good work guys.

  14. Thanks Dan & Kiwi for issue 38. I remember this being a good magazine. I think I only got 2 or 3 issues of it during its run. I remember thinking as a kid that it had higher quality paper and ink than the official Nintendo magazine. Some good writers too. Unfortunately, it was rarely in my local newsagents. It's nice to catch up and see how they reviewed some of my favorite games at that time.


    If anyone has the issue with the Zelda Ocarina of Time review, I'd love to read that. That was one of the few issues of this magazine that I had as a kid. I'd imagine I'm not the only one looking for that one! Thanks again for issue 38. I've just completed downloading. 🙂

  15. Hi Mark,

    I've scanned the OOT review issues (23 and 24) and they're with Kiwi for editing.

    Issue 23 is available on Retromags (http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/uk/n64/n64-issue-23#.VaTqmZNVhBc) – but it's of quite low quality and a couple of pages are missiing.

    Being unnoficial, they had a lot more freedom than ONM, and said exactly what they thought. They didn't mind making fun of some of Nintendo's characters (Diddy Kong and Timber the Tiger for instance – those eyes still haunt me!). It just seemed to have a better format generally, with a lot more text content than NOM. That's just my opinion of course though.



    1. Thanks Dan once again for your scans! 😀

      Well, i ve downloaded this retromag issue in the past and it's a total disaster 😛

  16. Thanks Dan! I agree with you about N64 Mag. I have just read through a couple of the issues and it's pretty much what I remember, in terms of the humour and fair reviews. They weren't afraid to call a spade a spade, and it seemed to be aimed at a slightly more mature audience than the official magazine. It's great that you guys have preserved this! I am looking forward to the next few issues when Kiwi has time to work his magic! I love the quality of these scans! 🙂

  17. How's scanning coming along on this bad boy? Seems like ages since we last saw one.

    This middle batch of magazines is my anticipated – any news is welcome!

  18. I have very little spare time at present and raw scans provided for this and lots of other magazines require more time for editing than just pushing a magazine through the document scanner, and I haven't even had a lot of time for that either.

    Things should hopefully quiten down around here in two or three weeks time at which point I will be able to get back into action again.

    1. Hey Guys.

      I really haven't had the chance to scan much more recently either. The late 20's early 30's are monsters of magazines – most of them 140 pages or over! – so I imagine they'll take a while to edit.

      I'm just really happy we have over 2/3 of these magazines preserved (including Meppi's scans on OOPA), whereas a couple of years there were only 5 or 6. The same goes for a lot of the other magazines here, which I'm certain wouldn't have been preserved otherwise. There's a lot of reading material here thats for sure!

      I'm proud to be a part (however small it may be) of this website.


      1. Dan – I've really enjoyed reading your Nintendo scans (Both NMS/ONM and N64 Mag). You have scanned issues that I didn't think I'd ever see again! From my perspective you are contributing more than a "small" part. Thank you my friend! 🙂


        Kiwi – I think I speak for everyone when I say that the fact you have continued editing magazines at all during your busy period recently is greatly appreciated, and it's great to see people as passionate as yourself about preserving stuff like this! You are the magazine version of Byuu with his work on Higan! Cheers mate, and enjoy what's left of the summer! 🙂

        1. Haha. Mate …. it's winter in my part of the world at the present time, albeit at the tail end of it.

          Seriously though, I had to pack my PC up and plonk it down in the bedroom due to having the family over from the UK. Couldn't have my niece without her own bedroom so my study got "girlified". The end result is my scanner is not overly accessible and the wifey doesn't like it making a racket in here so it's been a case of just wait it out until I get back into the study again. You  know the saying …. "Happy wife…. happy life". Don't worry, I am not doing a Meppi on you all by not doing any updates for months at a time. It's just a few week hiccup on the road to mag nirvana 🙂

          The pleasant side effect of all of this is I have been able to do a little gaming for the first time in 4 years. Day of Deafeat: Source (who would have thought people I played with on that game almost a decade ago are still playing it today) and Left4Dead 2 with my daughter and her boyfriend.

          1. Haha! In my defense, I had only just woken up! Also, I'd say your winter isn't much different to the weather we have had in Ireland this summer! Nothing but rain. I don't know why we even bother with seasons in this part of the world! 🙂

            That's great that you have had the time to game. It's been a while since I've played Left4Dead 2. Good game. I haven't had much time for gaming recently but I might get around to playing Alien Isolation for the first time. I bought it months ago and it's collecting dust. Also, I have a Wii U that I bought on impulse 6 months ago and have spent about 5 minutes in total playing! I may as well put some time into that.

  19. Great stuff guys! looking forward to the last few, especially issue 32 I think it is. The Premier Manager 64 issue. That was the first issue I bought as I saw the announcement for a new Zelda (which turned out to be the amazing Majora's Mask) on the cover. Never looked back after that isssue.

    1. They’ll get done when they’re done mate!!!

      We have thousands of mags to scan or edit, these are just a few of them. Definitely sooner rather than later though…..

      1. Definitely later rather than sooner. The last update was in FEBRUARY and that was only one issue. I'm getting tired of these false promises saying you'll upload more issues.

        1. Sorry Glitcher, I'm not quite sure what you're on about. There was one magazine released today, and one last week. There have been a few others since February as well.

          The magazines will be released when they're ready. It does take time & effort to both scan & edit magazines like this regularly (look at OOPA for example) – so please be patient.


          1. Sorry, my mistake. Looks like I've been caught out again. I misread the number on one of the issues and thought that the last uploaded issue was #53. Anyway, I'm glad to see there's been some recent progress. Looking forward to more.

  20. Dan submits raw scans and chooses not to edit his scans. Whether that's because he doesn't want to, or doesn't have the skills to, is completely irrelevant. I am happy to edit them as time AND desire permits. However, I also solely adminsiter this site, check everyones submissions to ensure pages are sized identically vertically for two page side by side viewing before uploading them to the server and getting images added to the pages etc which all takes time. I am also trying to scan at least one mag a day as well as the above. As a result I find the rhetoric coming from people like Glitcher who have contributed nothing at all to be tiresome and all that crap attitude thrown my way is going to do is make me NOT want to continue with this title. I don't have an affinity for this magazine so it's no skin off my nose whether it gets done or not!!!

    The ONLY person I owe anything to regarding this title is Dan who has provided the raw scans for a further five issues so worst case scenario is I create PDF's and submit them to him and he hopefully doesn't share them around so idiots like Glitcher have to wait for Meppi to one day in a galaxy far, far away actually get around to releasing one. Best case scenario is you might see a new release before Xmas given my lack of desire to do another one thanks to people like Glitcher ….. 

    1. As a N64 Magazine fan i have to admit that Kiwi is totally right..

      I don't like Glitcher comments too..since last year.. Actually was waiting an answer like this from Kiwi long time ago..

      Let's hope that this is not the end of the mag because of Glitcher.. because there are some normal people here 😀

      If that's the case we ll accept it and wait to get all of Meppis scans in an another life :p

      1. Fear not. It's not then end of releases here.

        Issue 23 is already completed and ready to go but I don't feel like rewarding arrogance by making it available as it sends the wrong message ….

        1. Thanks Kiwi, totally understand your viewpoint on this.

          Personally this was one of my favourite mags, and my desire to see them preserved is why I started scanning them myself. Unfortunately I simply don't have the time to edit the magazines together – which is why I passed them to Kiwi. I think I tried to edit issue 37 (the first issue I scanned) and that took me about 4 hours to put together, and then I realised I hadn't scanned the full page!

          I still intend on scanning more N64 magazines, regardless of what Glitcher and others say. However I'm going to do this at my own pace, rather than pander to anyone on here. It's still a hefty task when most of these mags are 140 pages!





          1. I agree fully with all that has been said. It's a pity that one idiot can ruin it for everyone though. For my part, I really appreciate all the work that has gone into preserving this and other magazines. Kiwi and Dan – do whatever feels right for you. We owe you our gratitude for the terrific work you have done. It's the very least you should be able to expect.

            If this is the end of this magazine being publically available, thank you for the issues you have scanned and edited. I've really enjoyed reading them again. 🙂

    2. I said I was sorry. Jesus! All things considered, updates have been pretty slow around here, which makes it harder to tell when new issue shows up. I realize that this is provided freely, but I don't like it when people make promises that take forever to fulfill. That's just being irresponsible. I spend my free time creating artwork. I have a number of fans, and I don't bait them by saying new stuff is coming soon when it really isn't. That would be irresponsible on my part and I don't blame them if they resent me for it. How can you blame me for resenting you?

      1. Updates have been slow around here?
        Maybe for N64 Magazine but there have been literally dozens of releases for other titles since you last moaned. I agree this magazine has seen gaps between releases but rather than searching for N64 Magazine to see that a couple of issues had been released recently you were happy to blurt out your frustration. Then again, there have been gaps in releases for lots of magazines and not just this one …. Games Master, Zzap!64, RISC User, ST Format and Edge to name but a few so why you think your preferred magazine should be any different to a multitude of others.

        People make promises that take forever to fulfill…
        Your view on a time period differs to everyone else. If you have to wait for Meppi, well, good luck with that. No-one else seems to have an issue with waiting for an issue to appear …


      2. I think that's a little harsh. These guys have family (read: wife and kids) and jobs and more important things to do and you're here calling them irresponsible? Really?

        Why don't you sign up to the RSS feed? Then you'll know which ones are being updated? When the N64 ones are out then get those. This is generally what I do.

        1. If anything, the number and variety of magazines being scanned, edited and uploaded here is pretty amazing. There are new issues of magazines uploaded almost everyday. That this pace has continued for some time now is a remarkable testament to the passion and committment of Kiwi and the other contributors. I have been very humbled by the generosity of all the people on this website. Particularly to Dan and Kiwi who have helped me relive some of my cherished childhood memories. That they have done this for a complete stranger on the other side of the world is pretty special. I am very grateful and I am sure I'm not the only one. Thanks guys! 🙂

  21. I haven't got the time to get into any sort of argument, yet I just want to add that I'm getting a little tired of all the digs and personal attacks flung my way over the past couple of months.

    Yes, I haven't released anything in a long time and yes, I've miscalculated just how long it would take for me to get everything in order with my new house and all, and yes, it's going to take a bit longer still.

    But I can't help but wonder what I might have done as of late to deserve this kind of shit getting flung at my head on a somewhat regular basis. :-/ 

    That's all.

    1. Hi Meppi,

      Long time to hear. How are the reno's going? 

      I probably should have used OoPA in my post rather than your name so I apologise for that.

      However, for one reason or another your release schedule over at OoPA is sporadic and you are the only other site to release this magazine or Zzap!64, both of which seem to attract people impatient about progress on scanning them. In regards to Zzap!64 I actually stopped scanning them because of your dealings with Roger Keane so I thought it polite to give you the chance to release them and I've been using the "Mort already scanned them" excuse to cover that one. Unfortunately, with regard to N64 Magazine I have no idea on where you are at with those so my statement "Good luck with that" came about from the lack of content updates on your site for several months. 

      PS. The above comments purely relate to my observations/comments regarding OoPA. Everyone has a life and this is a hobby done out of love and I know more than most having had to deal with personal events in the last few years that sometimes things happen that need to be worked through which can take time so I am a little disappointed that you viewed this as a personal attack. The fact that other people who frequent your site are making similar comments regarding your site indicate to me that my views are not isolated.

  22. I have a small handbook with a silver foil cover that I think came with the first edition of this magazine.

    From memory it basically gives a brief history of N64 development and a run-down of the launch games.

    I am not sure if you guys would be interested in adding it here?

    1. Hey, unfortunately I haven't had time scan much of late – unfortunately real life has taken priority at the moment. Hopefully I'll find a bit of time soon. My aim is to perhaps get a magazine a month scanned, so hopefullly completing by the end of the year. That's easier said than done though!

      Anyway, there are currently 3 or 4 issues with Kiwi for editing – so you might see one or two shortly.


  23. Where’s all the N64 love gone, Mike? Why haven’t we seen anything, son?

    There isn’t long to go on the completion of this set of mags, I thought you’d have got this out the way by now, dawg.

    It took you a year to do the garbage NGC one but what we really wanted was n64 because it’s certainly more of an “old mag” right.

    1. See my message above… Scanning does take its time, and I totally understand Kiwi has priorities other than editing my scans. My aim is still to try and get everything scanned by the end of the year.

      Also who's Mike?


  24. *** This comment was directed at a person (Glitcher) who is now banned from commenting on this website *** 

    The last release (issue 37) occured 27 Aug last year. There are literally dozens of other magazines that haven't seen a release for a LOT longer period than four months. I didn't see you thanking Dan for the release in the comments so I assume you missed the update.

    I have two issues of Dan's to scan. All other missing issues have yet to be provided by Dan …. if he even has them. Assuming he has and he scans them they will appear here eventually but your entirely impolite rants keep resetting my "Don't edit N64 Magazine" clock. I will state here and now that it is entirely due to you that updates have been as infrequent as they have. That's unfortunate for Dan who is waiting for me to edit those two issues of his but I think he understands that you don't reward bad behaviour from children OR adults.

  25. I'm pretty sure Glitcher is just a troll. His comments are clearly designed to annoy. Either way, it's a pity that progress has been held up because of him. I've been reading this and the official magazine over the Christmas period since it is the 20 year anniversary of the N64 and this magazine. It's a pity that has been spoilt now a little.

    Thanks for the available issues of this magazine, Kiwi. I also understand why you will now prioritise other magazines. Maybe there will be a complete archive of this mag for the 25th Anniversary! Here's hoping! 🙂

  26. Hi Guys,

    Yes, I have all the remaining issues, I have been scanning in the background, with 3 issues still to go. I understand that Kiwi is busy, so I didn't want to overload him with scans. I also totally understand his reasons for not wanting to put them online, given the comments on here in the past.

    Anyway, it will happen sooner or later.



  27. You can't let one guy get to you Kiwi.

    As far as I can tell you probably had an issue lined up but if you put it online now it will seem like you have been bent by Glitcher to upload it which would look bad…

    Do it anyway : )

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