Nintendo Magazine System (UK)

Publisher: EMAP
Total Issues: 
First Published: 1992
Publisher Digital Issue Availability: 0

According to Andynick's wonderful website this magazine changed names several times until EMAP sold it to Future PLC who have continued releasing under the last name change of Nintendo Official Magazine. A total of  53 issues were produced under this particular title name



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    1. Hiya,

      I’ll check but I am pretty sure I do not have that issue in my collection. My NMS AUS collection is pretty sparse I am afraid.

  1. After a few weeks of trying to find this one magazine, i've come to realize now any NMS AUS magazines would be fine!

    Checking out some of your uploads makes me miss the magazines! Love the site. Keep it up!

    1. Well … the file has been downloaded 36 times using that link so I am not sure what is going on. Are you a registered Rapidshare user?

  2. I am a registered user of rapidshare yes, with a 30 day membership. Just tried logging out of rapidshare and trying but it comes up with the same error. All the other files including nms work fine. I’m on my tablet now instead of pc but no luck. Wonder what the problem is.


    1. Wow that’s strange.

      If I try the link with Chrome as a free user I get “Daily traffic exhausted” while if I try using Internet Explorer using my account I can download the file just fine. NMS 17 has been downloaded 27 times so the link itself appears to be fine. It seems like there is something going on other than that within Rapidshare. Take the latest Zzap!64 issue 44 for example. That has the old style link and has been downloaded 6 times since I uploaded it. Do you get the same problem with that link?

  3. I downloaded zzap issue 44 a few days ago which went ok. Have just downloaded the ‘N64’ mags from 10 to 50. They were all ok except issue 14 which gave the ‘error: share invalid’ message. Earlier today i logged into rapidshare with internet explorer and tried the problem mags but still got the error. I use firefox normally.


  4. Hi guys,

    I have stacks of these NMS magazines that I am looking to part with. Is anyone interested? I would say I have about 50 in mostly good condition (few slight tears, etc as you would expect). E-mail me at jastone@ outlook dot com if you are keen!


    1. Hi Jason,

      Great to hear you are interested in handing these off, hopefully to one of our scanning guys to get them online over here.

      It would be good for the guys scanning the mags to know the area where you live to work out whether a pickup is viable or whether shipping is the only option. I am in New Zealand for instance so it would be prohibitively expensive to ship there but a couple of the guys are in the UK so depending on where you are it could be a goer for sure.

    2. Hi Jason,

      I most certainly would be interested, will send you an email later on. I’ll pay any postage costs for the mags.

      Do you have any record of which issues you have? I don’t have any myself (i got rid of quite a few long ago), so I would take them all, it just might be useful to know how many need scanning and what we’ve already got preserved.


  5. This magazine was half of Mean Machines, which covered all consoles and eventually split into seperate Nintendo and Sega mags. Mean Machines itself came about from being a monthly section in CVG.

  6. Regarding how long this was called Nintendo Magazine System.  I've got all the issues so:-

    Nintendo Magazine System (Issues 1-53)
    Nintendo Magazine (Issues 54-68)
    Nintendo Official Magazine (Issues 69-131)
    Nintendo Official Magazine UK (Issues 132-151)
    Nintendo Official Magazine (Issues 152-162)

  7. Hi Kiwi. Thanks for your help with Nintendo Official Magazine. If anyone happens to have a scan of a specific issue from this magazine, NMS-50, I would really appreciate it. It was the first magazine my mother bought me as a child and would carry a lot of sentimental value, as I'm sure many of these issues do for all of you. The fact that the cover is scanned gives me hope. This was a terrific magazine in its day. My young son is enjoying reading them with me now. Thanks to all that have helped bring these back in digital form!

  8. Thanks A LOT for scanning your magazines in 300 dpi. From your help and issues 43 and 43 of NMS we have an ultra rare art of Earthworm Jim (by Michael Koelsch) in very good quality. I've been searching for it for almost 7 years. That's totally GROOOOOVY!

  9. Hi Dan. Have issues 50 and 51 of NMS been scanned yet? I don't have access to the forum so I can't check if you have uploaded them somewhere other than this site. No worries if you haven't had a chance to scan them yet. Just thought I'd check in on the off chance you see this because of the forum being locked out. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I've scanned issue 50, which is awaiting Kiwi to work his editing mastery – unfortunately I haven't got anywhere public I can upload the magazines to, and they need quite a bit of editing work before they're ready for public consumption anyway. Issue 51 is next on my list, which might be this weekend if I get a spare hour or two.

      I try to work on different things to keep myself fresh. NMS is tricky to scan because it's difficult to keep the pages flat.

      I'm sure Kiwi will let you know once the mags are ready.



      1. That's great Dan. Thanks! Interesting to hear that Kiwi does a lot of editing on the scanned mags. Each issue I have downloaded has looked great. I'm sure a lot of that is also down to the great initial work of scanners like yourself! From what I remember of NMS, I absolutely believe you when you say that it is tricky to scan. I'd say the pages have weakened a lot over the years. For whatver it may be worth, I'd like you to know that you doing this means a lot to me! It'll be a big nostalgia trip for me when they are done. Thanks Dan! 🙂

  10. I can categorically state that I do not have issue 50 awaiting editing. Are you sure that you uploaded it Dan? As I remember you saying at some point that you had scans ready but were holding off while I worked through the N64 Magazine issues. If you do have other scans including the one mentioned here ready to go by all means fire them through and I'll add them to the list of mags to edit  🙂

    1. Ooops, sorry. I don't think I uploaded that one – my memory has failed me again! I'll get it zipped and sent over tonight – there's a couple of different mags to upload as well.

      Everything I've done so far should be in the folder I shared last month.

      Let me know if you need the link resending.



      1. Thanks very much Dan! I can't wait to check it out when Kiwi has finished the editing. My sincere thanks to both of you! Hopefully issue 51 will be possible in the future as well, but 50 is fantastic. 🙂

      2. Hi Dan,

        I found the email with your upload directory and am grabbing all your scans down now but I cannot see NMS #50 in there. Can you upload it to your UL account and as soon as I see it I will download it.

        Cheers …. Kiwi

        1. Hey Kiwi,

          I've not managed to get it uploaded yet, but not through lack of trying! Am having difficulty as my connection keeps dropping out, I think I'll have to do it at work, but that won't be until Monday at the earliest.

          Sorry guys!



          1. Well, after a whole day of uploading at 20k/s – don't worry I was doing other things whilst uploading, I just let my computer do all the work – the mags should finally be uploaded – phew!

            Let me know if you have any problems Kiwi.


    1. I just downloaded NMS-50. Thank you so much Dan and Kiwi! You have made my day! 🙂 Thank to both of you for getting this done quickly. Kiwi – I really appreciate you getting the editing done on a weekday! Thank you. 🙂

      Dan – If you get NMS-51 scanned in the future, can you please drop a message here to say it is coming? I check here regularly. Those two issues mean a lot because of the context of when I first got them. Thanks for scanning NMS-50. 🙂

  11. Hi Dan,

    I was just wondering if you had gotten around to scanning issue 51? I'd imagine you are probably busy with other magazines. Just thought I'd check in to see if it's coming soon or if it's at the back of the queue.

    Thanks Dan. 🙂

    1. Hey Mark,

      I had a hardware on my Macbook last week, and have had a ton of work to do – so just haven't had the chance to scan anything for the last few weeks. NMS-51 will be my next scan though, it's actually sat on my bed, ready to scan in!


      1. That's great! Thanks Dan! I really appreciate this. Your scan of issue 50 was terrific. I enjoyed reading it. Brought back a lot of memories. I consider both 50 and 51 to be a kind of "set", since they were the only two issues I had for a while when I was a kid. I am really looking forward to issue 51.

        Thanks very much Dan! 🙂

        1. No probs, I'll try and do what I can when I can. I can't make any promises on timescales though as I don't know when I'll be able to get enough free time to scan at this point. I have a couple of days off next week, so that might get me the chance to get some scanning in.

          The mags certainly bring back memories for me! I didn't collect NMS when they came out in the first place, but the articles inside sure bring back memories. I only had a Game Boy back in '96, but I did play my cousins SNES all the time. So there's alot of nostalgia in those pages.

          By the way, the first line of the previous post should have read "hardware failure on my Macbook pro", looks like the Graphics card went belly up – hopefully I can get it fixed somewhere. It's certainly been very useful over the past 5 years though!



          1. They don't make mags like those anymore! There isn't as much freedom given to mag writers to joke and be slightly politically incorrect anymore. I think my nostalgia for this magazine in particular was stoked by the fact that there is no longer an official nintendo magazine as of last year. The official end of an era that ended for me many years before. There was something special about the pre-internet gaming era of the 90's where information wasn't as immediate as today. Friend's shared tips about games and rumours about up coming titles. Information was limited and seemed to mean more as a result.


            That is a pity about your Macbook Pro. From my experience, 5 years is pretty decent time to get out of them. Still, it's a further reminder that nothing lasts forever – even the era of great gaming mags. Or am I just being nostalgic! 🙂

  12. Why have some of the upcoming mag covers disappeared? I was hoping they would get scanned in the coming months. Is this not going to happen now? My apologies if it is just a technical glitch.

  13. I have made changes to the back end on the site in regards to displaying covers which means unscanned magazine covers are no longer displayed. It doesn't mean there is no intention of scanning those magazines at some point, just that given some scanning members who may have contributed the covers originally are no longer actively scanning for one reason or another it made little sense displaying covers for issues that may not be scanned, at least in the short term. Lots of my collection covers have also been deleted and I know they will be scanned so it is a global adjustment.

  14. Hi Dan,


    Did your Macbook pro survive? You should have gone Acer-Windows like me. Usually their screens fail before their graphics card goes! 🙂

    1. Hi Mark, 

      I think my Macbook is officially dead. It lasts about 30 mins before having a GPU panic (aka BSoD for all you windows fans). I've managed to get a new Mac Mini through work to replace it though.

      The good news is that I managed to scan NMS issue 51 last week. I haven't had chance to send through to Kiwi for editing yet, but it should be sooner rather than later now.


      1. That's great. Thanks Dan!


        Pity about the Macbook. At least you were able to get a decent replacement through work. Hopefully they didn't lock it down with three layers of passwords and pointless hourly anti-virus scans that you haven't got the user rights to cancel… I'm referring to my frustrating new laptop from work! And it's another bloody Acer! 🙂


        Thanks again for scanning NMS 51. It's great to know that it's in the pipeline. Something to look forward to. Cheers. 

  15. Hi Dan,

    Just out of curiosity, how many issues of Nintendo Magazine System have you got in your collection that haven't been scanned yet? I was recently reading issue 50 that you did a great job of scanning, and I was thinking that long term it would be fantastic to have the run of magazines from 1996/1997 leading up to the launch of the N64 and immediate aftermath. No one else seems to have those issues. I am incredibly grateful to you for preserving issues 50 and soon to be available 51, so if that's all there is available I'm glad the important one's (from a personal point of view) were preserved.


    Anyway, just curious since no one else seems to have this magazine. Thanks Dan. 🙂

    1. Hi Mark,

      The following is a list of all the NMS magazines that we keep in the members area, whether they're complete or who is to scan them, unfortunately no-one else seems to have these magazines, so there are afew gaps.

      Hopefully someone reading this may have some of these missing magazines, so might be willing to scan or donate them.


      01. (OOPA)
      02. (OOPA)
      03. (OOPA)
      04. (OOPA)
      05. OOPA)
      06. (OOPA)
      07. (OOPA)
      09. (OOPA)
      10. (OOPA)
      11. (OOPA)
      12. (OOPA)
      19. Dan
      21. Dan
      23. Dan
      24. Dan
      47. Dan
      49. Dan
      52. Dan
      53. Dan

      1. You seem to have a lot of the issues I was hoping you would have! 44-53. That's great! Understandably, it will likely take a lot of time for them to be available since you seem to be carrying the flag for this magazine on your own at the moment. However, it's great to know that long term a significant portion of this magazine will be preserved. And it's those issues you have between 44-53 that I am particularly interested in reading.

        Have you already sent the raw scan of issue 51 to Kiwi, or are you holding off until he is less busy? No worries either way. I'm just curious.

        Thanks Dan! 🙂

  16. Hi Kiwi,

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was wondering is issue 51 of NMS in the pipeline to be released soon? Dan finished scanning it a few months ago. I just thought I'd check in case it has been forgotten. I am looking forward to reading it.


    Thanks! 🙂

  17. I've checked the pile of scans that require editing and I do not have it. I've also checked Mediafire and FileFactory accounts and it isn't in the filedrop area's either so either it wasn't received or if it went to FileFactory it may have been affected by the server RAID failure hence my removing FIleFactory on the homepage as an upload portal.

    1. Ooops, I guess I uploaded them to and didn't email to confirm.

      There's a few undownloaded files on there, so I presume you haven't seen them Kiwi. I've changed my WIP thread on the forum, and I'll also email you the link to the folder directly.



  18. Kiwi it looks like page 43 had some cropping problem on the new mag (51). Thanks for the uploads of these, one of the biggest titles for sure.

    1. It looks like an error caused by the new batch file method. Kiwi – can this be fixed without having to process all of the pages again? The rest of the issue looks very good. Dan did a great job with the scanning. From my memory the colours etc. are a perfect representation of how this issue looked in print. It's great to have another issue of this magazine preserved! Especially now with the official Nintendo magazine in this part of the world discontinued.

  19. I believe I have a complete full set of 162 issues here, that I'm looking to sell. Collect only, from Surrey area in the UK. Not sure on price, will have to retrieve them from my folks and confirm all are present. But all are in good condition and have nothing cut out of them iirc. Anyone interested can contact me at

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