PlayStation Official (UK)

Publisher: Future PLC
Total Issues:
First Published: Nov 1995 (v1), 2006 (v2)
Publisher Digital Issue Availablity: 0 (v1),  37-current (v2 – iTunes)



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Currently Available Issues (Gen 01) (Click to view covers)
Currently Available Issues (Gen 02) (Click to view covers)


    1. Hi there,

      Are they scanned issues or physical copies?

      If scanned there is a Mediafire upload button on the home page. If they are physical copies it depends on where you are located as most scanning members are in Australia or New Zealand and postage from the other side of the world is bitchin’ expensive  🙁

      1. no they are scanned issues, but quality isn't so great unfortunately :/ I think I uploaded them on mediafire on this site. But  if you want, I will upload them again and provide links, if that's okay 🙂

        1. We generally don't use scans unless the person submitting them was the original scanner however I am reviewing that position at the current time. I have received those scans so will be in a position to advise if they can be used in a couple of days time. More info soon …..

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