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  1. I would like to thank the staff of this website for providing these magazines for us to read. It is quite interesting to look back at speculation on games like Final Fantasy X and see how this differs from the released game. It is also rather poignant when they discuss games that failed to live up to their potential or were cancelled.

    Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated!

  2. Very very minor thing, Issue 1 has two pages in the wrong order (36 & 37). One’s an advert so it makes no difference to the flow of the magazine, but thought I’d mentioned it.

    1. That depends. The member scanning his UK PS2 mags fell on hard times and is no longer able to do so and I am unsure if anyone else has this title in their collection.

  3. I'm based in the UK and have a large collection of these magazines taking up space in the garage and this seems like it would be a great project to contribute them to.  Unfortunately I don't have the equipment or the time to scan myself, but I'd be more than happy to pass them onto one of the UK scanners if that's viable.  My email is attached.

    1. Hiya mate,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Things are insane at home at present so even site updates have been sporadic of late.

      Re your mags, we only have two scanning members from the UK here and both are not regular scanners as they run their own websites and tend to scan just what they want to scan which is absolutely fine by me. That leaves the only other option of shipping to New Zealand and I can tell you that is VERY expensive. I am currently working on shipping other titles from the USA (we have a poor collection of USA content) so I am stretched pretty thin on funds to cover even more shipping costs to be honest. Donations to the site in regards to funds to help cover these sorts of costs are negligible.

      At this point in time that's the lay of the land so to speak and I'd rather be upfront about it than string someone out for ages trying to get funds to cover shipping half way around the world.

      1. Ah, I see.  Are these other sites affiliated in some way with this one?  Your tone suggests not!  I've also offered these on another website (RetroMags) and there's a chance I'll be able to ship them to an interested scanner in the US.  Thanks for getting back to me, though, and feel free to contact me via email anyway, just to see if there are options available.  Cheers!

        1. No. Their sites are aligned completely different to this site, hence their contributing scans as and when they desire to.

          If we had donations in the same level that Retromags do we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Or I won lotto …..

          Unfortunately there seems to be little interest from USA folks in UK and Australian magazine content which equals little or no donations to the site so making large purchases of content from out of the UK or the US is very difficult to justify when the shipping costs are borne by one person.

        2. Hey Mate,

          I would be interested in those mags, however I simply wouldn't have space to store them nor the time to scan.

          At the moment I'm trying to focus on Nintendo Magazines, and I haven't got the time to scan much else. My priority is to get the N64 magazines scanned, as there seems to be some demand for those (and I selfishly want to see them preserved as well).

          Perhaps it's best you try one of the other UK scanners.



        3. I have a number of these in my pile to scan but would be interested in the numbers I don't have.

          Beware however I tend to focus on quantity over quality, so the content will be preserved but may contain scan lines etc

          1. Drop me an email (I'm not sure attaching it to the post actually works, but I'm niknaks93 at gmail) with some more info on what these "scan lines" are and I'll let you know which issues I have.

          2. i'm actually looking for a scan of the FFXII review they gave (the one from number 81 i think). if you could email me if you have that mag for that scan could you reply to this? the email is marcustindalwiles (at)



  4. I still have all the issues from my original posts up there. Have things calmed down for anyone? I'm more than happy to pay for shipping if you can store them or scan them.  Drop me an email (niknaks93 at gmail) if you're at all interested. 

    1. Hiya mate,

      I am interested but I'd need to know the shipping costs to Auckland, New Zealand to see if I could stretch to help cover it. I am still waiting on costs to get a PC gaming magazine shipped so until I get that I have absolutely no idea what donation funds I need to acquire them … or yours ….

      If I get costings I can give visitors a heads up on what they are to see if anyone interested is able/prepared to contribute some funds towards it.

      1. Do you have a preferred carrier for this kind of thing?  I'll need to go and re-weigh the parcels during the week.  It would obviously cheaper if only some issues were wanted.  A very quick and dirty estimate (assuming a weight of 40kg) gives around £350 with ParcelForce.  It's been a while since I measured it, but we're talking around 100 magazines and discs, so I think that weight is in the right ballpark.  I imagine the accurate figure won't be too different.

        If you're interested in a specific inventory, I listed the magazines I have here:

        Obviously, if there's someone in the UK then then cost would plummet, but I'd be more than happy to pay for something in that region if it means getting these magazines out of my parents' garage and used in a useful way!

        1. Holy heck!!! surprise

          That's a LOT of dosh! I haven't got anything like that in the way of donations or even had anything like that amount (even if looking at accumulated total) in the five years the site has been running. I'm off to get a Rum and Coke and find a seat before I pass out.

          1. Sending it by boat with "sevenseasworldwide" comes to around £150 including fees at the NZ end.  That seems like a more reasonable price, although it will take about three months!  If that sounds good to you, I'll cover the cost.

  5. Hiya mate,

    Is that price cover shipping all the magazines in your post over at Retromags or just the PS2 ones? If that covers all the mags then that is a good price methinks.

    Not sure what fees are at the New Zealand end but it will likely be taxes plus delivery charges which I can easily cover. Once I've received them and know what I had to pay at my end (if anything) I am more than happy to try and accommodate some of your costs as well from any donations funds received. If that sounds good to you I can provide you my address via the email address you use to post to the site.

    Cheers …. Kiwi

    1. Hi Nick,

      Whereabouts are you based? Unfortunately I don't have any scanning members in the UK at the present time who are in a position to scan magazines. I live in New Zealand and Jason is in Australia so I fear if you are based in Europe/UK that postage would be prohibitively expensive to get them shipped down under.

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