Computer & Video Games (CVG) …

Yesterday the first of two incoming packages arrived on my doorstep containing all manner of goodies thanks to the kind donation by retromags member Alex1. Coming out of Europe this package will be of particular interest to those of you into UK magazines. First off the scanner is one of the "holy grail, never been scanned fully before today" issues, that being none other than issue 154. That's correct, issue 154 has received the high quality scanning it deserves and is now available for download.


Donated by: Alex1
Scanner: Kiwi


If you enjoy this issue please consider donating towards the postage costs getting this half way around the world. There are several more gems in this package to come  🙂


CD-Rom User …

Time for something a little different today with the release of issue 09 of this multimedia oriented magazine from Paragon Publishing. Unfortunately this is the only issue I possess and there's a complete lack of information in the 'net regarding this title so if anyone can shed some light on it please let me know so we can update the product page.


Scanner: Kiwi

Retro Gamer …

Issue 162 has been archived.

NOTE: This issue is not available for download. It has been archived strictly for preservation purposes in the event that the publisher were to cease to exist and digital editions were no longer able to be acquired legitimately.

Maximum PC …

Issues 130/131 have been archived

NOTE: These issues are not available for download. They have been archived strictly for preservation purposes in the event that the publisher were to cease to exist and digital editions were no longer able to be acquired legitimately.

Site Updates …

I have unfortunately been forced to ban another commentor from this site today (Glitcher) If someones sole purpose on commenting is to throw verbal garbage in anyone's direction (not just at myself) they are not simply welcome to post comments here.

It seems to me that some people have an expectation that this site is here to service their personal desires in regards to what titles are scanned and made available so I thought I would like to clear up these apparent misconceptions:

  • This site is here to preserve any and all magazine titles related to computing/gaming and where there is no work being done by the publishers (if they even exist) to make digital versions available
  • Donated magazines forwarded to any of our scanning members by a donator for the purposes of scanning them are afforded first priority as these people have paid to ship their personal collections to us, usually at some cost, so it is simply polite to make all efforts to scan them as soon as practical.
  • Raw scans provided by scanning mambers who choose not to edit them themselves go into the pool of work to be processed when I have the spare time to devote to them. What order they are processed in solely determined by myself and not by when they were received. There are well over 100 magazines in this pool at the current time
  • Donations via PAYPAL are gratefully accepted and put towards continuing to keep the site alive and to assist with acquiring scanning supplies and new magazines. Almost all current donations have been used to fund the 1TB Google Drive plan where files are archived, Mediafire for visitor accessible file storage and recently to pay for shipping of Computer Games:Strategy Plus magazines from a donator in the USA. I have stated that significant size donations carry weight with me and that if you make a comment around your favorite magazines when donating I will endevour if able to see if we can make that title available on at least a semi-regular basis if I have issues of the title in question OR I have raw scans from another scanning member that can be edited. No donating members have made requests and I think that is because they accept that this undertaking is monumental in regard to the sheer number of titles requiring preservation and are happy with the mix of titles being released. 

That last point is pretty important. Magazines received from our scanning members in finished format are uploaded by myself as soon as I can get them done. I don't purposely hold back one title or another for finsihed PDF's so what you see on any given week is simply what has been received from the guys. My own scans and or any raw files submitted by the guys are processed as per my personal desires as I am the one editing usually 100 or more pages per magazine. I try and mix up editing raw scans so that we get a different selection on a weekly basis to make things interesting for people visiting the site. As I only had two issues of N64 Magazine from Dan I elected to spread their editing/releases out given ther sheer quantity of other Nintendo specifc magazines released in the last year or two. This did not sit well with the banned member who elected to choose confrontational discourses which only resolved me to put back releases of the title in question.

If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to comment in a positive and polite manner. I have no problems turning OGM into a closed/member only site if required as the only people owed anything are donating and scanning members. However, let's hope I am never forced into such a situation. Being polite when commenting and simply being accepting of our releases should ensure I don't have to go down that path.