PC Gamer (USA) …

Many years ago a Retromags member asked me if I'd like his collection of PC Gamer (USA) magazines. As I was keen but neither of us could afford to ship them to New Zealand I gave him my brothers address in Maryland to send them to. Nothing seemed to come of it as no magazines turned up at my brothers address. A few years later IIRC I got an email from the donator who advised he was at College and hadn't been home in years hence nothing turning up as he hadn't had a chance to get back to package them up. My brother had shifted address by then so I gave the new address and thought no more of it as seemingly there wouldn't be much happening for some time. Lo and behold a year or so ago, after I'd actually visited my brother for a holiday two big boxes of magazines turned up on his doorstep.

Well, my brother flew in for a flying visit this weekend and brought a couple of magazines from the boxes with him for me to check and see if they were what I wanted/was expecting. As they were I have given him $150US to ship out what he can with the money so soon we should hopefully have a load of these to complement the Computer Games: Strategy Plus magazines I received recently. In the mean time I have scanned issue 119 which he brought over and is now available. This issue was unopened and contained the demo CD-Rom so expect that to end up on Archive.org at some point.

Nintendo Magazine System (UK) …

The last of the magazines received from Alex1 has now been scanned and is available for download, that being issue 08.

This one was problematic for several reasons (pages not cut/printed straight, cut slightly wider on one side and paper curl) but even with all that there's not too much wrong with it after all the editing involved. I can't do much better short of scanning each page on a flatbed scanner to try and eliminate some slight page curl issues on a couple of pages but I will retain the magazine for a while as a precautionary measure in case I have time to go back and re-scan it that way. However, with the big pile of magazines received from Cameron recently I cannot see it happening any time soon. In any event it's perfectly readable and I'm personally more than happy with the result anyway.

Many thanks go out to Alex1 for providing the magazines. It's great being able to fill in some blanks in the collection  🙂 


Donated by: Alex1
Scanner: Kiwi