PC Gamer (USA)

Publisher: Imagine Media > Future
Total Issues: Still in production
First Published: May 1994
Publisher Digital Issue Availablity: 218 – current (iTunes)

Originally published by Imagine this magazine was a completely different beast in terms of layout and content compared to Future PLC's UK competitor. After Imagine sold out to Future it was brought in line with the UK look and feel.




Currently Available Issues except those covers marked "Not Available"  (Click to view covers)


  1. There was a short lived Aussie version of this magazine as well, which was equally as good. I think only 3 or 4 issues ever came out – I subscribed after reading my first issue. The only thing I ever got for my money was a letter from the Administrator telling me the publisher had gone bust and I was an unsecured creditor!

  2. Nope, never saw a cent 🙂 I've been stung by 2 publishers over my almost 30 years of buying magazine subscriptions. The other one was Live Publishing (I've been a Retro Gamer subscriber since issue 3)

  3. Hello, 

    Know it'll be a massive amount to ship, but I have a nearly complete run of PCGamer USA from launch to recent years, and with demo disks. Looking to see if anyone would be interested in taking them in for preservation, all still in good quality, and haven't seen any other larger archives of them.

    1. Hiya Patrick,

      I have approximately 30 issues from 2000-2002 awaiting scanning and am trying to get the funds toigether to ship another box load from my brother in Maryland out to me which will probably yield another 30-40 issues. On top of that we have scans of another 10 issues that need editing.

      That's about all we have of this title so I am more than keen to try and fill in the missing issues for sure, especially early issues. 

      How quickly do you need to know? Or are you under pressure to move them out of your possession in a hurry?



      1. Not necessarily under pressure, but boxed up and ready to ship. Currently planned to move them while my parents are moving, but if any could be taken in the next month or so before that, it'd free up some space and weight.

        They'll be safe either way, just looking for a consistent way to get them into good hands over time.

  4. DID SOMEONE SAY PC GAMER??!  (Come on, Kiwi, you knew I'd have to reply to this one. )

    Whatever Kiwi can't take, I'd be happy to get ahold of – particularly any issues from the 90s, since that's mostly where my gaming interests lie.  On the plus side, you could ship them to my parent's stateside address and save a bundle.  But on the negative side, I don't make it back home to the states except at Xmas time, so it would be quite a while before I could pick them up, so the only way I could get them any sooner is by having a few of them sent along any time my parents send me a care package.  Regardless, Kiwi is your best bet for getting them scanned quickly, since my yearly output of scans is pretty small (less than 30 last year.)  But I don't even wanna know what the shipping to New Zealand would be for a near full run of PC Gamer…

  5. I'd be really, really keen to acquire any of the following issues as soon as possible if you have them, those being 17, 11, 13, 17, 18 & 24. That way we would have all of the first two years issues preserved or scanned ready for editing. 

    Do you happen to have any of those issues Patrick?

  6. We've got 1, 3, 18, and 24 available at Retromags. They're totally acceptable, although not A+ quality, so I suppose you could make better scans if you like.

    1. Yeah, I have them but I found the resolution or scanning equipment resulted in a "soft" or slightly out of focus looking scan so I think they can be done better if we can procure physical copies in good condition. But this is my favorite PC gaming magazine … period … so I'd happily re-scan them anyway.

      As soon as I have Cameron's Computer Games:Strategy Plus and Computer Pilot magazines processed the issues I acquired recently are next on my scanning "must do" list  🙂

      1. I own several of the issues from the first two years (including issues 1-4), although my long uninterrupted runs don't start till year 3 or 4.  But it's my favorite gaming mag, PC or otherwise, so I've been scanning other stuff instead.  I can't possibly scan everything I own, so I figure I may as well keep my beloved PC Gamers intact and focus on scanning the stuff that won't make me cry when I melt the pages from the spine and later toss the whole thing in the bin after it's been scanned.

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