PC Gamer (USA)

Publisher: Imagine Media > Future
Total Issues: Still in production
First Published: May 1994
Publisher Digital Issue Availablity: 218 – current (iTunes)

Originally published by Imagine this magazine was a completely different beast in terms of layout and content compared to Future PLC's UK competitor. After Imagine sold out to Future it was brought in line with the UK look and feel.




Currently Available Issues except those covers marked "Not Available"  (Click to view covers)


  1. There was a short lived Aussie version of this magazine as well, which was equally as good. I think only 3 or 4 issues ever came out – I subscribed after reading my first issue. The only thing I ever got for my money was a letter from the Administrator telling me the publisher had gone bust and I was an unsecured creditor!

  2. Nope, never saw a cent 🙂 I've been stung by 2 publishers over my almost 30 years of buying magazine subscriptions. The other one was Live Publishing (I've been a Retro Gamer subscriber since issue 3)

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