PC Gamer

Publisher: Future Publishing PLC
Total Issues: Still in production
First Published: Nov 1993
Publisher Digital Issue Availablity: 207 – current (iTunes)

The premiere UK PC gaming magazine.

Imagine's competing USA magazine of the 1990's was arguably an even better product but unfortunately it was bought out by Future and the format and content realigned along the UK titles style.



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    1. Aware of it as per several site updates posts on the home page advising of these issues. They’ll be updated as I get the time to get new links created.

    1. No. Not really because then, being the only person with all these magazines, I’d need to have my PC online 24/7 seeding only to have pretty much every torrent user downloading the mags they want then cutting and running. Seen it all before on other torrent sites.

      Or I’d need to pay even more money out than I do for the FileFactory account on a seedbox so little to no other benefit. And that really only works well if you use a private tracker and I don’t have much knowledge on setting up such a site.

  1. Thanks for uploading, but alas file factory is painfuly inconvenient with all their ads. I'm not trying to spam you here, but why not upload them on cloudstor? A lot less popup ads, no wait your turn timer and higher upload / download speeds. Plus you don't need an account to upload things. Again, just a suggestion and not an advert (i hate spam as much as everyone else)

  2. A torrent is a very bad idea, because: 1 they eventually die off and 2 because you can't add new things when they become available.

  3. The link for page 2 is not working, I think FileFactory is excellent, if you don't like the ads and slow downloads buy premium.

  4. If anyone is interested I found a bunch of PC Gamer and CG Strategy Plus scans here, but they are very scattered – http://scans.roushimsx.com/

    I stopped updating Asteroid after it ruined all of my wordpress tables. Seemed like every update just brought more troubles than it fixed.

  5. Don't blame me. Maybe it is something to do with free accounts? Maybe it's a load at the time you happen to be downloading? All I know is that I downloaded the issue no problems whatsoever so the problem isn't due to it being a corrupt file that I can see.

    I don't know of anyone else complaining about it to be honest so what makes you so special in this particular case is a mystery I am afraid. At some point I will be uploading all the previously scanned mags to Mediafire but they are so slow on uploading files to that it's somewhat frustrating which is why new files are the priority at the current time.

  6. No, I'm not blaming you. It's FileFactory I'm blaming at this point. Had this error with other mag issues as well (simply get the same error every time). Also forgot to mention I'm not from the US or UK. Maybe bandwidth has less priority in some countries outside US / Europe? i don't knnow

    Again, I've used other free hosting services before ( such as mediafire & cloudstor) and never had this issue. Offtopic, it might be worth archiving the mags as rar or 7z if you are planning a re-upload. This may shrink filesizes to some degree.

    Thanks for the site

    1. I live in New Zealand and haven't got the issue. You might be right though…

      However, I still can't help but feel it is more likely some form of free-user limitation as you'd think I would have the same issue getting the file down if it was a server problem. I do have the intention of uploading all content to Mediafire as time permits. I have already uploaded some older content (Arcade magazine for example) and just need to get the links added but as I said, their upload facility is so slow compared to FileFactory. Unfortunately it costs money to purchase premium accounts and as this is a hobby spending 120 Euro's on a MEGA account for 12 months is hard to justify hence using FileFactory whose cost is far more palatable. I'd rather have two reasonable cost hosts that one good but expensive one. The Megaupload, Filesonic, Fileserve fiasco of a few years back showed putting all your eggs in one basket isn't such a good idea.

      If I get a chance I will look at getting that issue uploaded to Mediafire in the next few days. Sorry about the issues ….




    Thanks very much for this project, which is tremendously exciting.

    But I have a hard time with your download site. I tried one dowload, and it goes very slow, than cuts halfway through, then if i restart, it starts from scratch. So after 5 times I gave up and am writting here.

    Maybe there are other options around for uploads?

    I Am very much looking for issue US Dec 1995 of PC Gamer, at least the Top 40 of 1995 article. If anyone has that.




    1. I don't experience issues like you are describing but FileFactory allows resuming downloads so try downloading using a download manager like jDownloader. That way if it cuts off it starts off where it cut off instead of starting again from the beginning. I am trying to get everything uploaded onto Mediafire but uploading is glacial on their service (5 times lsower than FileFactory) so it's a slow process I am afraid.

  8. Hi Kiwi,

    I'm trying to download issue 55, I have fond memories of it back in the day, but i just get an error saying the file doesn't exist on File Factory. Is this something you can help with? I successfully downloaded issue 48 so I know in principle it's possible, but for some reason issue 55 eludes me



    1. I’ll look into it. FileFactory seems to have a penchant for saying a file is okay but it has been borked on the server so I will re-upload it. Unfortunately my Internet connection is on the fritz tonight so it may be tomorrow before I can get it fixed. I have acouple of others to do the same for….

      1. No worries, I think it's amazing you're doing this at all. I used to have a great many of the magazines from this period but sadly they became too much clutter and they had to be thrown out but there were some great features in these early magazines, so thank you for doing what you can πŸ™‚

  9. Hi

    Thanks for the awesome job on these old issues.  I used to have the first 50 or so issues but years ago tossed them out.  I'm trying to get as many as possible to show my sons how gaming was when I was growing up.  

    The two issues i'm really interested in are 1 and 2 of PC Gamer but I cannot ever get them. Issue one always reports busy server and issue two reports that it's missing.  Any chance of getting this another way?

    Once again, great job! Hope you can help me out.


  10. Thanks for sharing, i miss the insightful editorials by Matthew Pierce, always pithy and jovial. I can imagine him as a Quentn Tarantino "film noir" director, great story telling.

  11. Hi. I'm looking for issues 69, 70 and 72 (May, June and August 1999) of PC Gamer Magazine UK. Does anyone know where I can find them in any form? Thank you in advance. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi there. Thanks for all your work on the site. I used to write for PC Gamer in 1996/1997 and would love to get a copy of my articles. I might be out of luck as I've downloaded the ones you have online and there's nothing in those ones, and I think my stuff may have been in the in-between issues. But if you got a chance to glance in the credits panel of the issues you haven't scanned yet from that era to see if my name appears, it would be hugely appreciated. I can remember reviewing the games Discworld 2, Harvester, and writing a few other bits and pieces including an article about what music to listen to while playing various PC games.

    Thanks in advance for any help you're able to offer.

    Alan Driscoll

  13. Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the site.

    I am afraid to say the early editions of this magazine have eluded my collecting efforts over the years. I can tell you that only have two or three issues from 1996/1997 still to scan and they will be done shortly but neither game appears in the issues I have. I have January 1997 and March 1997, the latter of which has a guide to Discworld 2 so I am guessing your review might have appeared in the February issue which I am unfortunately missing.

  14. Hi guys,

    I stumbled across this site whilst trying to research how best to dispose of my collection of PC Gamer UK magazines and discs.      I have from issue 25 (Dec 2005) to 171 (Feb 2007) and all the corresponding cover mounted CD/DVDs.  They're all in very good condition – read once and then stored on shelving!

    I need to have a big clear out and free up some room, but dont't want to have to post them, and would like them all to go together so it's buyer collects and gets the lot  πŸ™‚    Also not too bothered about making loads of money (looking on Ebay some of the older ones go for silly money!!).    But would like them to go to a good home  πŸ˜€     I think I'm gonna struggle to get them in to the hands of someone who can appreciate them though  πŸ™

    I'm in West Yorkshire, UK if anyone is interested!

  15. I really hope the Commandoes 2 themed one (November 2001) would get released in PDF form, I used to have the magazine but lost it in storage somehow. There's this one game in it I can't remember the name for the life of me but I can remember many others featured in th magazine.

  16. I've got a launch issue (pre-production?) from October 1993 as I was an advertiser with Future Publishing at the time. If anyone is interested in buying it let me know.

        1. Hi Richard. I was thinking around £40 if it is indeed pre-production. My email address is marty1985 [at] me.com – ping me on that and we can figure something out πŸ™‚

  17. Has anyone found a site that has the demo CDs/DVDs ripped to .iso files or something similar? There's a bunch of stuff on archive.org, but sadly they only seem to have the US PC Gamer discs. Bah.

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