OLDGAMEMAGS doors are open!!

This website is dedicated to the preservation of computer and gaming magazines so that future generations can enjoy literature from the golden years of personal computing. But there's a whole more than that here too!!

Feel free to browse our download area to get a feel for the magazines our scanning members have kindly made available for our site members to enjoy. If you like what you see and can abide by our rules feel free to donate and email Kiwi with your preferred credentials and start enjoying fabulous scans for systems from Acorn to Spectrum ZX, for consoles from Atari 2600 to Xbox. 

What you will NOT find here are magazines where the publisher is making digital versions available themselves. We are NOTHING like websites like Internet Archive who blatantly rip off publishers by making current content available thus depriving publishers from earning a living off their work. If you don't want publishers to cease creating new magazines I strongly implore you .... DO NOT support such sites. 

If you do decide to join .. WELCOME to our community .... enjoy the files and by all means feel free to take part in lively discussion on our forums with our other like minded members.