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Acorn/BBC rss
The BBC/Electron/Archimedes series of home computers
 Sub Categories: Acorn UserLets ComputeMicro UserRISC User
Amstrad CPC/PCW rss
 Sub Categories: Amstrad ActionAmstrad Computer UserAmstrad Professional ComputingAmtixComputing with the AmstradPutting Your Amstrad to WorkThe Amstrad User
Apple rss
 Sub Categories: MacAddictMacFormatMacWeekMacWorld
Atari rss
 Sub Categories: ANALOG ComputingAnticAtari ExplorerAtari InterfaceAtari ST ReviewAtari ST UserAtari WorldGo AtariONE for ST GamesPage 6ST ActionST FormatST WorldST-LogSTart
Coleco/Adam rss
 Sub Categories: AUGmentNibbles & BitsSprite Chaser
Commodore rss
The Vic/C64/128/Amiga computers
 Sub Categories: Amiga ActionAmiga CD32 GamerAmiga ComputingAmiga Down UnderAmiga ForceAmiga FormatAmiga PowerAmiga ShopperAmiga User InternationalAmiga WorldAustralian Commodore ReviewAustralian Commodore & Amiga ReviewAustralian Amiga ReviewCommodore Computing InternationalCommodore FormatCommodore HorizonsCommodore InterfaceCommodore Magazine (AUS)Commodore Magazine (USA)Commodore MicrocomputersCommodore PowerplayCommodore UserCommodore WorldCompute!'s GazetteCU Amiga-64CU AmigaGo 64!ONE AmigaOz AmigaProfessional Amiga UserRUNVIC ComputingYour 64Your AmigaYour CommodoreZzap! 64
IBM PC rss
 Sub Categories: APCAtomicAustralian PC AuthorityAustralian PC ReviewAustralian PC UserBits & BytesCD-ROM GamesCD-ROM Today (UK)CD-ROM Today (USA)CD-ROM UserComplete GamerComputer BuyerComputer Game EntertainmentComputer Game ReviewComputer Games: Strategy PlusComputer GamesComputer Gaming WorldComputer LivingComputer MarketComputer PilotComputer PlayerCPUCustom PCGames For WindowsGame Players PC Entertainment Game Players PC Strategy GuideIncite PC GamingPC AcceleratorPC AcePC ActionPC Action EmulatePC AnswersPC ActivePC AttackPC ComputingPC EntertainmentPC ForcePC FormatPC GameplayPC Gamer (UK)PC Gamer (USA)PC Games (UK)PC Games (USA)PC Games AddictPC Games SolutionsPC GamezonePC Gaming World (1997-2001)PC Gaming World (2003 -)PC HomePC LeisurePC Magazine (AUS)PC Magazine (UK)PC PlayerPC PlusPC PowerPC PowerplayPC ReviewPC TodayPC Utilities (UK)PC World (AUS)PC World (NZ)PC ZonePCGPCGames (version 1)PCGames (version 2)Platinum Ultimate PCTotal PC GamingUltimate PCUltimate PC StrategiesWhat PC GamesWhat PC?What Personal Computer (UK)Windows Vista the official magazine
Sinclair rss
 Sub Categories: Sinclair ProgramsSinclair ProjectsSinclair UserZX Computing
Texas Instruments rss
 Sub Categories: Hunter Valley 69'ersMICROpendiumSoftexTisHUG News DigestTIUP

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