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New Releases - 05/23

Started by Kiwi, May 01, 2023, 06:47 PM

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Here's Famitsu 1319 for all you vidya game playin' kids out there.  Metal Gear Solid 5?  Well, I played the first Metal Gear...on the NES, that is.  Dunno about all of this "Solid" stuff, let alone 5 of them.  You kids and your games made in the current millennium... 
Dark Souls II supplement is included.



Taking a day or two downtime after completing the Dreamcast (JPN) mags and taking it easy on a dodgy shoulder but Gregorick has submitted PSW (UK) issue 72 for all to enjoy!!


Got a couple of mags for your viewing pleasure.
First up, Dengeki PlayStation 118

Download Dengeki PlayStation 118 HERE

And it's been a while since I scanned an old Famitsu, so here's Famitsu 120/121 (yeah, it's one issue with two issue numbers, go figure) from early 1991.

Download Famitsu 120/121 HERE


For those of you who like their gaming mags to be "clothing optional," Tech Gian 32 is ready to kick you in the face.

Download Tech Gian 32 HERE


Crystal Key 2 Strategy & Solutions Guide has been added to the game guides section.


Amstrad Action issue 23 is now available.