Website Listing Errors/Typos

Started by theassassin, Feb 07, 2023, 03:53 AM

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Couldn't see an existing thread to report errors/typos.

Just noticed the website listing for Gamesmaster issue 129 has the wrong cover image, some random issue of Hyper.

Also for one of the Gamesmaster supplements, the website listing has a typo, it says "Games Winter 1998 Catalogue" - but the name of the retailer is "Game" (not "Games")



Some of the scans could use improvements. I remember one issue having the wrong pages included by Nipledly. For the worst offenders I re-edited them and rescanned certain pages so hopefully Kiwi will look into them eventually.


Just noticed the GB Action #21 page download is for issue #20



Looks like the Easy PC scans haven't been migrated. Not sure if there's an existing thread?


Just noticed that "Playstation Power" and "Power" are two separate sections and should probably be merged into one or the issues of Playstation Power following the name change should be moved into the Power section.


There's a few mags like that where when I created the categories at the time they appeared to be be different titles. I need to work out how to handle them as the name changes if merging them in some cases display the newer issues before the old. More interested in getting new content added and working on this sort of stuff in the slower periods to be honest.