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Started by tweetmail87, Dec 02, 2022, 08:02 PM

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Can you put in an option for more than 10 results on a search result page, or is there an option for that somewhere? It would be nice if there was an option for all search results on a single page.

thank you


If you click on the title [list All] on the "Recent Downloads" title bar it lists all the downloads by date added to the site. [/list]


Just chiming in since the question wasn't answered, and I think it might have been misunderstood.  I have no idea if it's possible for Kiwi to adjust it on the back-end,  but what tweetmail87 is  hoping for is an option to list more than 10 results per page when searching downloads so that there are fewer pages of results to have to page through.  Searching a mag with lots of issues like Famitsu brings up 33 pages of results, for example, so if you're looking for an issue somewhere in the middle, you'll have to page through a lot of pages to get there.

If you're looking at a specific title, browsing is a lot better, since it lists 20 issues per page.

As an aside, while I'm never gonna use the search function anyway, I found it a bit odd that the search button at the top of the page can't be used to search for downloads.  You have to go to the download page, ignore the search button at the top, and instead use the search button a bit lower on the page (to the right, next to the "unviewed" button.)


@kitsunebi - You are indeed correct.

I have trawled through all the settings for the download portal and forum and there is no visible option for increasing the limit from 10 downloads to another arbitrary number. That isn't to say there is some code that 'might' be able to be changed in the backend but I really don't want to break anything at this point.

The [Search] button at the top of the site is architected for the forums.

The [Search] button in the download portal is specific to the download portal and allows for granular searches. I have kept the file naming format consistent across ALL categories, e.g,

  • Files using issue numbers are always #123 digits except for Famitsu which is #1234 digits to accommodate their insane release volumes  ;D
  • Issues using dates only are always (yyyy-mm)
  • Issues using volume naming are always Vol. xx Issue xx

Searching using any of those, e.g, #033, Vol. 01 Issue 06, (1983-08) etc will return results along with using the usual name searches.