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3DO rss
The 3DO console developed by The 3DO Company
 Sub Categories: 3DO Magazine
CDi rss
Interactive multimedia console developed by Philips
 Sub Categories: CDi Magazine (UK)CDi Magazine (USA)
Nintendo rss
 Sub Categories: 64 Extreme64 Game Busters64 Magazine64 SolutionsAdvanceClub NintendoComplete A-Z of 64 GamesControlCube (AUS)Cube (UK)Cube SolutionsG-ForceGame Boy PowerGame GBCGame Players (Nintendo titles)Game StationGamecube SolutionsGB ActionGBA Master GuideGBA WorldGBXN-ForceN64 GamerN64 MagazineN64 ProN64 SolutionsNGamerNGCNintendo Game ZoneNintendo Gamer (AUS)Nintendo Magazine System (AUS)Nintendo Magazine System (UK)Nintendo Official Magazine (UK)Nintendo ProNintendo WorldNinty FreshnRevolutionOfficial Nintendo (AUS/NZ) Official Nintendo (UK)Planet GBPokemon ColosseumPokemon WorldSNES Buyers GuideSNES ForceSuper ActionSuper ControlSuper GamerSuper PlaySuper ProSuper XSTotal!Total 64Total AdvanceTotal Game BoyUltimate NintendoVSixtyFour
PlayStation (Sony) rss
 Sub Categories: [ One Off Publications ]Australian StationComplete A-Z of PlayStation GamesComplete PlayStationEngineEssential PlayStationExtreme PlayStationGame Playergo>PLAYMean Machines PlayStationNext3NZ PlayStationOfficial Australian PlayStation Magazine Official PlayStation 2 (AUS)Official PlayStation (NZ)Official PlayStation 2 (NZ)Official PlayStation 2 (UK)Official U.S PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStationP.S.XP2Planet PlayStationPlay (UK)Play GamerPlay tm (AUS)PlayNationPlayStation MaxPlayStation - The Official Australian PlayStation MagazinePlayStation Official Magazine (AUS)PlayStation Official Magazine (UK)PlayStation PlusPlayStation PowerPlayStation ProPlayStation SolutionsPlayStation StrategiesPlayStation The Official Magazine (USA)PlayStation TipsPlayStation ZonePlayStation 2 Official Tips Magazine (UK)PlayzonePower WorldPowerStation (AUS)PowerStation (UK)PSG 24-7PSi2PSM (USA)PSM2PSM3 (AUS)PSM3 (UK)PSU3PSW (AUS)PSW (UK)PSX ProPureSTATIONStation 2 SolutionsThe PlayerTipStationTotal PlayStation
Sega rss
 Sub Categories: Complete A to Z of Sega GamesDC-UKDreamcast MagazineDreamcast MonthlyDreamcast Official Magazine (UK)Dreamcast Official Magazine (USA)Dreamcast SolutionsDreamcast StrategiesDreamcast TipsGame Player's Sega Genesis Strategy GuideMean Machines SegaMEGAMega ActionMEGA MachinesMega PlayMega PowerMegaTechMegazoneMr DreamcastS The Sega MagSaturn PlusSaturn PowerSega FightersSega ForceSega Force MegaSega MagazineSega Master ForceSega Mega Drive Advanced GamingSega PowerSega ProSega XSSega ZoneTotal Saturn
Xbox (Microsoft) rss
 Sub Categories: 360360Zine360 GamerAustralian 360Official Australian Xbox MagazineOfficial Xbox (UK)Official Xbox (USA)X-360X-GamerXBMXBNXbox 360 Official Magazine (AUS)Xbox 360 Official Magazine (UK)Xbox GamerXbox One GamerXbox SolutionsXbox WorldXbox World 360Xpert

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