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Started by Kiwi, Dec 31, 2022, 03:44 PM

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So 2022 has been a bit of a shocker for people passing over. Feel free to acknowledge anyone whose death has resonated with you on any level. A few in my thoughts would have to be (in no particular order) ...

  • Oliver Frey - artist extraordinaire and co-founder of Newsfield Publishing. Their Crash/Zzap! 64 magazines were considered the best for the Specccy/C64 computers of the day. Passed away after a short battle with cancer
  • Archer Maclean - Creator of the magnificent Dropzone and International Karate+ games on the C64. Another soul lost to cancer
  • Kirstie Alley - Actress known for her role in Cheers alongside Ted Danson and vocal about her issues with weight gain/loss. Beautiful eyes and yet another lost to cancer
  • Rieko Kodama - creator of Skies of Arcadia died in May and her passing only became public knowledge  in October
  • Pele - nothing need be said about soccers greatest. Lost to cancer
  • Gamebookscanner - died in a car crash. Scanned a complete run of Saturn Fan, all of which have been removed from IA along with his other scans. The preservation scene is all the poorer every time any scanner gives up or passes over.

Thoughts and prayers also go out to Roger Kean, Oliver Frey's partner in life and co-founder of Newsfield Publishing. He contracted Motor Neurone Disease which also took the life of his father. He was expected to leave Oli but whose cancer sadly had other ideas. He is now on end of life care. Very sad indeed!!

Also in my thoughts is Franco Frey, Oli's brother and the third arm of the trio that created Newsfield. He was assisting in their care but suffered a major stroke and was in a coma last I read. I have no idea how he is but  hope he is okay.


Comics are my bag, so I'll list some comics-related losses in 2022:

  • Kevin Conroy - Voice actor for Batman/Bruce Wayne on Batman: The Animated Series
  • Carlos Pacheco - Spanish artist who drew tons of Marvel and DC superhero comics
  • Kevin O'Neil - British comics artist best known for drawing Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics
  • Alan Grant - Scottish writer of countless Judge Dredd and Batman comics
  • Tim Sale - Eisner-award winning artist most known for Batman: The Long Halloween
  • George Perez - one of the most acclaimed comics artists of the past 50 years, known best for work at DC
  • Neal Adams - Hugely influential and popular comics artist with realistic art style

and not exactly comics, though she's IN lots of comics:
  • Nichelle Nichols - Uhura, natch.


Sad news that Roger Kean has also passed away shortly after being moved into end of life care.

MND is a truly horrid disease both for the people suffering it and the friends and family forced to watch loved ones wither away knowing they aren't afforded the luxury of not knowing what is happening to them. My father died from it and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Other greats who have passed from this disease include Stephen Hawking, Kiwi actor Bruce Allpress, Dambuster's Commander Leonard Cheshire, British Acting great David Niven and the list goes on.

About the only good bit of news coming out of Crash Magazine where I read the news is Franco Frey, Oli's brother who suffered a stroke while caring for them, is on the mend which is wonderful to hear.


Earl Boen, the voice of LeChuck from the Monkey Island games passed away at 81.


Quote from: slider1983 on Jan 09, 2023, 12:21 PMEarl Boen, the voice of LeChuck from the Monkey Island games passed away at 81.

His condescending attitude towards Sarah Connor in the first two Terminator movies cracks me every time I watch them, especially the look on his face when the T-1000 morphs through the jail door bars in T2 and he realizes she was telling the truth all along. Worth the price of admission by itself.