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Hyper Magazine

Started by matrixman1013, May 06, 2023, 06:49 AM

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Really enjoying this classic magazine.

I noticed that most of these are archived but not available for download.  Now that magazine is no longer produced, are there any plans to make these available to members?

Really love to dig into these notable issues:
Hyper Issue 212 - Jun 2011 - Batman Arkham
Hyper Issue 218 - Dec 2011 - Saints Row 3rd
Hyper Issue 219 - Jan 2012 - Mario 3DS
Hyper Issue 224 - Jun 2012 - Max Payne 3
Hyper Issue 230 - Dec 2012 - Far Cry 3
Hyper Issue 239 - Sep 2013 - Watch Dogs


Hyper issue 224 has been taken off archive status and is now available. At some point after I convert all issues to CBZ format I might relook at it but at this time no other issues are in my release schedule.


Thanks for the update and thanks for making 224 available as enjoying it now.