Buying Digital Back Issues?

Started by matrixman1013, Sep 29, 2023, 12:11 PM

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I have no issues buying digital back issues for completeness but am wondering if these are locked PDFs that can only be read within their apps.

Looking at this issue or if anyone has please PM me:
PC Gamer USA Issue 302 March 2018 - 2018 games preview ($8.99)

Anyone have experience with pocketmags, magzster or similar?

Are there back issues for reading available in desktop browser or do they force you to use mobile app reader?  Prefer a site where can use browser on PC desktop ;)



Their website states they have apps and a web browser, much like Readly/ Zinio I am guessing where you log into their site using your account credentials and you are presented with content you have purchased, or is available if paying for a monthly all you can read type subscription used by Readly.


Thanks will look at Readly and Zinio as well.  I know my library offers free Zinio.

But it seems pocketmags and magzter had the most back issue depth if I recall.


Readly is good. I subscribe to that along with Jason as I recall. I've used a utility to grab down a lot of content from there. There's a ton of stuff we have grabbed off there that is not available here while the publishers of the content make it available using their own platforms. If they ever discontinue making that content available, as Future did with Official Xbox Magazine, Games tm, X-360 and PC Format etc we subsequently make it available to members.